Shindig! on Green Man Radio

Jon and Andy had a lovely time at this year’s Green Man (full review to run in issue #50) and were invited by friend Will Hodgkinson to come onto his “’70s Acid-Folk Hour” show on the festival’s own radio station. (Listen here.) They popped in, philosophised and then headed off out into the temporal sun to enjoy yet another fine Welsh ale. 11900015_10206903973175383_3995401922685020408_n



Announcement: Shindig! Magazine Is Back With A New Publisher


It gives us great pleasure to announce that Shindig! have signed a deal with Silverback Publishing. Issue #48 will be arriving on June 18th. Please email about subscribing or to pre-order a single issue of #48. Subs options are being worked on and will be ready for the arrival of the magazine with options for combined print and digital subs and solo print and digital subs. The magazine will continue to be available in all of the outlets that it was before.

You’ve seen our statement, you’ve read about us in The Guardian and heard us discuss the situation we have had to deal with on our last podcast and May Pang’s radio show. That’s all behind us now though. We’re back, and more impassioned about the great music and culture that we and you adore.  It’s been a hairy year, but we did it. We fought for everything we hold dear with a lot of help from some truly wonderful people who all believed in the importance of the magazine’s continued success. Thanks. The readers have also been incredible and offered us the strength we needed to fight the fight, as have our stockists and advertisers.

Enough of the Oscar acceptance speech. We have work to do. Shindig! is back… and it’ll be better than ever. Jon, Andy (and the Silverback Publishing team Tom, Andy and Maddy) are very excited.



Jon ‘Mojo’ Mills on Dinner Specials… With May Pang & Cynthia Neilson Live


What a busy day for the Shindig! PR Machine.  Not only has the magazine and its story ran in The Guardian, Editor-In-Chief Jon ‘Mojo’ Mills has just finished chatting with May and Cynthia about the perils of editing a magazine from the heart. There’s some interesting Beatles chat once Jon leaves too.  

Listen to the show here



Jon & Andy interviewed in today’s The Guardian – “It Was A Classic Case Of Naive Creatives Not Protecting What They’d Got”

Three weeks ago Andy rang Jon to say that his local pal, occasional Shindig! writer and Guardian political corespondent, John Harris thought the “hostile Shindig! takeover” had the makings for a decent article – a cautionary tale of a boutique publication screwed by business. The following week Andy called again saying that it was all going ahead and for Jon to get to Frome for the interview and photo session. At the time of the interview the story was somewhat different with the two editors up against Volcano’s bastardised version of Shindig! (Kaleidoscope). Since then the competing magazine has folded and Shindig! are planning their imminent return.. You can read the article here


article 2 Read more Jon & Andy interviewed in today’s The Guardian – “It Was A Classic Case Of Naive Creatives Not Protecting What They’d Got”