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Shindig! Broadcast #125 – Our monthly Soho Radio show

What a fab show. Old co-presenter/cohort/DJ/writer buddy PAUL OSBORNE sits at the other side of the desk as he’s interviewed by JON ‘MOJO’ MILLS about the new PROJECT GEMINI album Colours & Light and the Shindig! Happening launch and show at The Night Owl. He also contributes a fine mix  


Ron Geesin ‘Floating Down’
Camel ‘Rain Dances’
Alexander ‘Skip’ Spence ‘War In Piece’
Moby Grape ‘Seeing’
The Rockin’ Ramrods ‘She Lied’
Nobody’s Children ‘Good Times’
Rotomagus ‘Fighting Cock’
Death ‘Freakin’ Out’
The Raspberries ‘I Wanna Be With You’
The V.I.P’s ‘The Quarter Moon’
Air ‘La Femme d’Argent’
Project Gemini ‘The Sun Devil’
Group Modular ‘Lonely Pylon’
John Saunders ‘Myriad’
Large Plants ‘Every Single Day’
Mozaik Ses ‘Aralkum’
3 Hürel ‘Sevenler Ağlarmiş’
Black Rock ‘Black Cloud Overhead’
Guy Skornik ‘Des arbres de fer’
Gal Costa ‘Vapor Borato (Ao Vivo)’
Leonie ‘El Alabama’
Michel Colombier ‘Frére Convers’
Piero Picconi ‘Psychedelic Mood’
Wendy Martinez ‘Nuit sumérienne’
Clannad ‘Dhéanainn Súgradh’
Mike Vickers ’Turning Point’


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