Shindig! is a music publication put together with genuine understanding, sincerity and utter belief. We bring the scope and knowledge of old fanzines and specialist rock titles to a larger readership.



Shindig! began in 1992 as a photocopied garage-punk fanzine called Gravedigger. A couple of years on editor Jon ‘Mojo’ Mills and PJ Crittenden reinvented the title as Shindig! as a tip of the hat to the ABC TV show that took The British Invasion to America and paved the way for folk-rock, garage music and everything that followed. Andy Morten joined the team in 1997 and has worked jointly with Jon ever since and grown the magazine into the multi tentacled beast that it is today. After a long, and eventually destructive, relationship with Volcano Publishing – that took the magazine to the high streets of the world – Shindig! entered 2016, the other side of its celebrated 50th issue, bigger and better, thanks to fabulous new publisher Silverback. The magazine can be found on the high street via WH Smiths, in all manner of independent record stores, at airports and train stations and in key outlets across the USA and the rest of world, including Barnes & Noble.

Touching on the more neglected moments of rock’s royalty to the weird and wonderfully unsung world of garage bands, psychedelic fly by nights, pot smoking country-rock bands, hippie folkies and country singers; the acceptable side of progressive rock; heavy duty denim clad basement rockers; wigged out funkateers and jazz men; synth based experimental boffins… right through to the powerpop and early punk bands that ushered in the ’80s, Shindig! prides itself in joining the dots together from the very best of music’s past. It also casts a selective eye over the best new musicians and bands who continue to develop and expand on what has gone before. Film, TV, legendary clubs, festivals and events, counter culture and whatever tickles our fancy are covered as well, with passion, knowledge and integrity. Over 20 years the brand has grown a loyal collective of readers from all walks of life and musical backgrounds.


Shindig! is one of those independent mags that are beacons in the dismal modern magazine world. Where so much is lazy, formulaic and complacent, it’s smart, passionate and quirky and should be celebrated. Long live Shindig!

Stuart Maconie, broadcaster and writer

“All the greatest magazines are made by people who genuinely care about what they write about and about thrilling their readers. Shindig! is one of those magazines. It’s driven by passion and knowledge, and a view that music makes the world a better place. Long may Shindig! continue to thrive and grow.”

Phil Alexander, Editor, Mojo

“I am a loyal reader, buying every issue when it turns up in Manhattan. It is a fave read and I’m always heartened by your — and your writers’ – expertise and passion. It’s not just the artists and era you cover – which I am partial to – it’s your faith in music itself, as more than something that comes with a new phone. Anyway, my congrats and thanks.”

David Fricke, Senior Writer, Rolling Stone

“Every beautiful tree has roots. Shindig!‘s job is to blow away the grime and show us all the twisted, majestic and rainbow roots of ’60s and ’70s music. Nobody does it better.”

Andy Partridge, XTC

Shindig! is one of the last great publications on the planet. Passionate music heads who still care about quality over quantity. Bless their souls.”

Matt Sullivan, Light In The Attic Records

“We love Shindig! We always fight over who gets first read in the office and we’ve several subscribers here. It’s an outstanding magazine clearly made by profoundly knowledgable music lovers. It’s a gem. We just wish there were more magazines like this. Shindig! will always have our utmost support.”

Ben Ayres / Jamie Woolgar, Rough Trade Records



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  1. Hi,Chaps…
    Sorry to hear of your troubles…these things often turn out for the best!
    Shindig is awesome…I regularly wander into Smiths and find it tucked away in there( I don’t think the staff know where to display it)… I get all excited then realise I’ve bought it already!
    Live long and prosper in the canyons of your mind!

  2. Long live Shindig magazine and hope you find a new publication partner soon as I’m already missing you. We all need to keep the passion in music and both Jon and Andy you have it in spades -it’s infectious and keeps life’s day to day challenges in perspective.

  3. So glad to see you’re up and about and nearly ready to roll again. Good luck with the new Shindig.

  4. My last 2 albums were both reviewed in Shindig. Will I be sending the new album to Kaleidoscope????…………no chance. Jon and Andy supported me, time to support them. All the best.

  5. Kaleidoscope won’t last long. We’ll all stay true to you guys and the Shindig! name. I hope I’ll still be able to get a copy in the states. Cheers!

  6. I was really looking forward to Shindig #47 with Sandy Denny on the cover, It’d be nice to eventually see that issue but until then will stay true to the school (Jon & Andy)… it’s a good life if you don’t weaken.

  7. Hi, good see you are BACK! I thought THEY had run off with your crown jewels.Long may you continue and prosper and costing me a mint on vinyl buying.

  8. I’ve been asked to leave a few newsagents after I had moved all the Shindigs to the front of the display area and advised people standing near me that they ought to give it a go….

  9. JIn December 2014 subscribed to Shindig through paypal for a year. in April 2015 i got an email from volcano publishing cancelling my subscription but of course no repayment of my lost shindigs. Then of course i received my new mag with a different name. I want my shindig back as this is the best magazine out thre by far. To get the next magazine do i have to re subscribe or do i now lose approx 6 months of my original subscription. Many thanks and await your reply.

  10. how I miss shindig, I can`t find it in germany. do I have a new chance for a subcription? yours hinrich

  11. Just bought my first copy (#51) and loved it! Another magazine for whom I am the target reader! Can’t wait to see how our affair develops over time. XX

  12. Shindig mag is now Monthly!!!!!!!!!!!! and a club night as well. You chaps are going from strength to strength to strength, superb indeed. Your Spacerock special a few yrs ago was fantastic, any other Shindig specials in the pipeline? All the best to you Jon and Andy.

  13. Would love to pop up to a Shindig eve. I am looking into that for a later date. Trying to work out the traveling logistics with Mrs Seatman, It might happen sometime.

  14. Hi,

    I ordered some back-issues (order 15577) on 18/1 but haven’t heard anything from you at all- my e-mails to you all come back not-delivered.
    Please respond at

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