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Pics - Adrian Sherratt - 07976 237651 Andy Morten and Jon Mills (right) the editors of the music magazine Shindig, pictured at Andy’s home in Frome, Somerset (19 April 2015).
Pics – Adrian Sherratt © Andy Morten and Jon Mills (right) the editors of the music magazine Shindig, pictured at Andy’s home in Frome, Somerset (19 April 2015).


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Nuggets‘  compiler and garage legend Lenny Kaye checks himself out in the pages of our mag!


93 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hi really sorry to hear of your plight….and I hope things turn around quickly.

    I’m just wondering where this situation leaves me as a subscriber to the now stolen and vandalised Shindig ! mag ?



  2. Good to see the Shindig! website up and running, guys! Looking forward to the next issue, (the REAL) Shindig issue # 47 (I’ve just returned the Enemy’s fake #47 to sender and told them I don’t want any further issues, asking my money back for the remaining period of my subscription).

  3. Hi Jon & Andy

    Great to see your new website and hear that in the midst of this painful and difficult time, new creative shoots will emerge once more. I have left you my old email address again, so you can add me to your new data base you are creating. I look forward to seeing Shindig rise again once more.

    All the best


  4. Go Fellas !! Love the mag, I hope that Shindig will still be available in the newsagents in Australia.

  5. I’m relatively new to Shindig!, got the “Interstellar Overdrive” special issue, then picked up the issue with the Pretty Things at a local bookstore. That prompted me to buy several back-issues just before I heard of all the turmoil. Will those back-orders still be fulfilled?

  6. As a previously loyal subscriber of many years please feel free to add my name to your contact/newsletter/future subscription list.
    I will be requesting a return of my unused 2015 subscription funds from Volc***.
    Good luck.

  7. I am a big Shindig fan since I discovered this back in 2011. Shindig is the best music magazine these days and will always be! Looking forward to the next issue of the real Shindig, not the fake one!

  8. SHINDIG is a real desert island nugget – supplying endless reading and often subsequent listening pleasure. Hard to put down and guaranteed to be picked up again once time allows. The best cure for forgetting daily stress that I know. I sincerely hope that a new publisher can be found for this magazine treasure!

  9. got an email asking if I wanted to purchase #48, so I went to supposed ordering window but none was there. It actually said to click on banner in right hand pane, there was none. So can you tell me how to order?
    p.s. nice to see you back on the road.

  10. I truly wish that every issue of “SHINDIG” magazine would be released the same way that both “Rolling Stone Cover To Cover” and “Playboy Cover To Cover” were released as a “BondiReaderConsole” aka “SHINDIG” Cover To Cover. That’s every single issue from issue #1 to the present issue.

  11. Hi Jon,

    can you send me you Shindig post address. I would like to send you my last Stoned Circus 20th anniversary LP comp for review please ?


  12. Dear Jon and Andy.

    I have purchased every issue of Shindig! since The Charlatans cover (except for the LA issue, because I was moving and it appears to be sold out). I used to buy your mag at Amoeba Records in either San Francisco or Berkeley or Barnes & Noble in El Cerrito (near my friend Alec Palao’s house. Since I have now moved back to Dearborn, Michigan (10 miles West of Detroit) to care for my late parents house, I have only been able to find it at Barnes & Noble in near by Allen Park. Last time I went to purchase the latest issue of Shindig! and found Kaliedoscope in it’s place. Since it sported your logo on the cover, I dutifully bought it. As I looked through it, I figured something was amiss, but I was still confused. Now I can see what happened, by reading this blog. I am writing this to you Jon and Andy, because I have designed all of the SteadyBoy Records adverts that have appeared in your pages, as well as, many of their CD and vinyl packages. I think that I should let the folks at SteadyBoy know what has happened,

    Also, you should know that I just designed not only the poster for The Charlatans 50th Anniversary concerts at the Red Dog Saloon and Piper’s Opera House in Virginia City, Nevada, but the CD jackets for two important new SteadyBoy releases. The Charlatans live “Playing In The Hall” album and the new Davie Allan & The Arrows “The King Of The Fuzz Guitar” album. Davie is also celebrating 50 years in the music. Freddie “Steady” Krc is playing drums with The Charlatans, so that Dan Hicks can be up front and Austin de Lone will cover for the late Michael Ferguson on piano. Lots more that I could tell you, but perhaps I should write you in an email. Alec Palao, has also compiled a vinyl “best of” album for The Charlatans called “The Limit Of The Marvelous” on the Big Beat/Ace label.

    One last question for now. Will I still be able to purchase the latest issue of Shindig! (with The Grateful Dead on the cover) or has that channel of distribution gone with Kaliedoscope? Help!!!

    You friend, Dennis Loren

  13. Hi Dennis. You’ll be glad to know – and you can learn more if you read through the “Thoughts & Words” area of the blog – that Shindig! is back in our possession with a nice new publisher. We should be available in all of the same places as we were before and will continue as we were. This was a major hiccup that we fought through and got through. Phew!

  14. Latest issue of the magazine is excellent and not just because it has a letter from me in it!

  15. Glad you are back!Will you still be in Chapters stores in Canada?
    Thank-you for putting out such a great publication.

  16. Hello, Stranges things happened this time your story with Procol Harum song look a like the 70s Tour by the Michael Clarkes BYRDS same cover but without genius . As 62 years old music freak I know that kind of breakage (as French I’d could wrote braquage aka Hold up) could also happen but you’ll still better than that.

    Keep on running

    Franck Roquancourt

  17. Hi, tried to order issue 52 but I’m getting an error message along the lines of “cannot determine a shipping method/cost” even though I’m in the UK, you may want to take a look, cheers.

  18. I placed an order for 1 years subscription but was never asked for a mailing address but only billing. It is to be mailed to my son’s home. Please let me know how to get this address in my order.

    Thank you,
    Joyce Adams

  19. Just subscribed- already got some issues, just what we need to read- it’s like visiting my old record shop in Southampton in the ’80’s- who sold me Pearls before swine, chocolate watch band, Zappa etc (Alan on Cobden Bridge Road) or visiting Mark and Hugo in Balham (Magic Mixture) in the ’90s (where I would fill cd sleeves with what ever was around- Red Chair Fadeaway, Morgen, Laghonia, etc and got sold all manner of goodies) and I was a customer! Looking forward to my trip to Bexhill to see family and visit Nick Saloman’s shop (Bevis Frond). Looking forward to my next issue! just wish I could get some of the older ones…..

  20. Hi, I have recently had a book published called Punks on Scooters. It is my autobiographical account of the Bristol mod revival 1979-1985. I was wondering if you would be so kind as to review it if you think its worthy. I can send you a copy.
    I’ve never approached a magazine before, so i hope i’m not going about this the wrong way.

    Many thanks

  21. I purchased a years subscription but only received 1 issue. I changed addresses but indicated this when I signed up. Please let me know how to remedy this

  22. What is wrong with your website: i have been with you since no1 and have bought most directly from you through your site. i am a subscriber and receive your news letters and updates twice every month. So why is it when I go to log in on your website I get rejected and told my email is not recognized. How the f*** does that happen. Then I try to pay on Paypal and it goes back to the login page. Please get it together man. This is not the first time either.

    A dedicated follower of music down the ages.


  23. Apologies for my last post concerning purchasing magazine via Silverback. That was my bad. Uou were all good and I was bad.

  24. Just to follow up: I was easily able to purchase mags through Silverback, just wasn’t used to the order of things. All good now.

    Sorry and cheers!

  25. Just picked up Shindig 69, yet another fantastic edition. TV Personalities, Tonite Lets all make love in London and a superb & mighty interview with Paul Weller. Well done chaps.

  26. Dear Shindig!

    Great to see the feature on Zoot Money, but has anyone spotted where Zoot actually is in the photos of the Big Roll Band? His place seems to have been taken by a very young, pre-bearded Alexei Sayle, who soon gave up tickling the ivories before taking up comedy for a living.

    Yours sincerely,

    Rob Murray

  27. Hi Guys,
    Twink & myself together with new band “Star Sponge Vision” have just completed an amazing new album “Crowley & Me” released on Mega Do Do in May this year. Based on the life & poetry of Aleister Crowley the man who influenced many bands, including Led Zep!
    It is by far & wide the most comprehensive work on Crowley by any contemporary band.
    Need some help from you guys, happy to contribute at anytime.

    Thanks if you can or thanks if you can’t.

    Jon Povey (Pretty Things)

  28. Hi I recently re-subscribed to SHINDIG via Direct Debit. I received a confirmation letter regarding this. However, I have yet to receive the latest issue. The last issue that I received was back in January. Can you rectify this situation.

  29. I tried to submit a renewal last week but I am unsure that it went thru. I need it to start with issue #82.
    Please let me know if it has been submitted or not.


    Steve Shaffer

  30. Hi jon and andy

    any chance of being able to purchase back issues of Issue # 6 through Issue # 26?

    I have just purchased issues 1 through 5 from your back issue service

    would love to buy more

    thank you

    Tim Daley

  31. Hi Jon. Shindig is still the best music magazine out there, but lately there has not been as much coverage of international music as in the past. Any chance of more frequent coverage Latin American psych and prog, particularly the obscurities? And how about a feature on the making of Aphrodite’s Child’s psych masterpiece 666? I understand there’s quite a story to be told there. In the meantime, keep up the good work.

    Ray Godfrey

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  33. Please can you confirm my subscription for 1 year which I paid for online last month with a visa card.
    I keep getting subscription renewal letters and I want to know that my subscription has gone through.
    Cheers Perry.

  34. Hi,

    I was just dropping in a quick line to know, if I could send some great article ideas your way for a guest post at your website ?

    If you like my suggested ideas, I can then provide you high-quality FREE CONTENT/ARTICLE. In return, I would expect just a favor of a backlink from within the main body of the article.

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    Best Regards,

    Hassan K.

  35. Hi,
    Do you offer advertising space (or article placement) on
    What would the cost be?

    Steve Marks

  36. I run a Jamaican music society and am always looking to branch out a produce features for other music fanzines/magazines. I was wondering if I could put features into the Shindig magazine.
    I hope to hear from you soon.

  37. Hi,
    Thomas Patterson reviewed the Album Virginity For All by Jerry Solomon in an issue of your magazine. Jerry is a friend of mine and is asking me to get a hardcopy of Shindig that features this article. Please let me know which issue this review is in, as I want to order at least one copy. Thank you.
    This is the article I refer to:

    I love the magazine.

  38. hey from Germany,

    Mojo, ain’t it time to make an article About Fogg (Water in my Wine was a hit in 1974).

  39. ‘Brian Jones Resource’ (on Twitter) suggests to you a follow-up feature on Brian Jones rescuing his legacy. I think this is a great idea. The Glimmer twins have dissed him for 50 years. Time to fix that and more fun, as well as sales, return the favour. There’s no shortage of material even despite theirs and others attempts to suppress his legacy.

    And he was a prodigious talent.

  40. dear sirs

    sorry to disturb
    – but –
    where do i find the link to
    to download the sampler
    copy mentioned in issue
    sincerely arne larsen

  41. I’m old. Older than dirt. I somehow managed to delete The Guerrsen complication. Is there anyway I can re-download it. I’m a massive Shindig fan and an American. I saw The Seeds, Buffalo Springfield, Hendrix/Soft Machine, MC5, NY Dolls etc. first time around. I’m sure you have any number of people who were “there” to provide comment. If you need one more Ancient to provide commentary, I’m at your disposal.

  42. Never mind about the Guerssen Comp. I fixed the problem with some bubblegum and baling wire. Cheers.

  43. The first No Aloha reference is the result of the passion for music of a sublime songwriter. A record full of great collaborations called “We Are Never Alone. Songs of Vic Chesnutt”. A splendid record from beginning to end that we think you should enjoy.

    A personal and renewed rendition of ten Chesnutt’s songs in the hands of Ana Béjar, Ran Ran Ran, Salto, Casa das Feras, Algunos Hombres, The Standby Connection, Senior i el Cor Brutal, El Osombroso Folk de los Badlands, Islandia Nunca Quema and Llum, this record is a sincere tribute to one of the most beloved and admired American musicians of the 90s and early 21st century

  44. Hey Shindig, love the mag. I’m wanting to order a back issue or two – could you please tell me which of the two Stones features you’ve done on Satanic Majesties (issue 30 and 71) is more In depth? Or whats different about them? Thanks in advance!

  45. Hello Shindig
    Love the Magazine glad to say that in the Land of Oz Shindig grows on trees, I have just retired and could have travelled more if i didn’t have this vast CD collection, ah well bass- drums -guitar-the meaning of live…and all this music to listen to..a huge cheers for al the enjoyment you give…could we maybe have a feature on the violin in rock music..if I see a violinist among the band member I do get excited.

    Cheers Alan Carr

  46. Hi – I have a question for Andy M. Who is the sexy painted girl on the cover of Try a Little Sunshine 1 – which I believe you designed – or what is the source of the picture? Hope you can help. Thanks.

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  48. To the mighty team at Shindig,
    Hope you’re all getting time to enjoy this summer,and not too busy keeping the mag as good as it is!No fun can make for a grumpy bum!

    Great to see Talk Talk being played on the podcast,do you think it would be a good idea for one of you dear scribes to tell the story of Talk Talk ,with their first 2 albums being tagged with the other electronic synth pop bands at that time,but look deeper into these 2 albums,theres much more going on!

    Then for me personally,the utter majesty of what followed,a totally new direction into more minimal but thoroughly magical,nature scented,dreamlike ,excellence of creativity,like the albums Colour Of Spring,Spirit Of Eden,Laughing Stock and much more,and with the sudden passing of Mark Hollis on February 2019,and the new look at 90s bands and albums in shindig,though Talk Talk are known as 80s but they did record and release in the early 90s,I do think a real feature on Talk Talk ,and their evolution into those magical albums will be of interest to many readers,as many will possibly only know of their earlier works and hit singles,and that excellent Life’s what you make it 45,which signalled their change into more,dare I say it,hippie like direction,and creativity.

    I saw them live at Edinburgh Playhouse at the time of the album Colour Of Spring,in a not full playhouse,which was a shame,as to this day it is one of the best and spiritual concerts I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing,the playing,the vocals and the songs just washed over me,and I had not had a blow… this day when I listen to Colour of Spring,I get shivers up my back…it’s unexplainable really.
    Thank you gang,apologies for this blowhardy message.
    Stuart Robertson.X

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    ¿Sería posible que me dieras un *número de teléfono* para discutir los detalles? Gracias.

  53. To the Shindig! gang,
    Received issue 145 this morning with thanks.

    I was flicking through like i usually do before I have the time to have a seat and give it my full concentration, and come across the Locomotive feature, which is indeed an unlikely story of ska, psychedelia and progressive moves.

    I also want to thank YOU for the mention, that’s very kind of you, and was indeed a pleasant surprise.Which gave me a badly needed lift in a rather dark, disturbing few months in my life, so it was very much appreciated.x

    I must add i rate the albums”We Are Everything You See”,”The Dog That Bit People”&”Den Of Iniquity”though the Norman Haines band album is closer to the sound of the Locomotive album.

    Both those albums I feel belong ín that made up ín MY mind musical category of psych/prog crossover,a bit like Raw Material debut, Writing On The Wall “Power Of The Picts”and Arcadium “Breathe Awhile”albums as other examples.

    Looking forward to having a couple of hours to read about Dave Evans, Blues Magoos and the LA Freaks daddy…… and the review sections, and an important feature to me, ín Shindiggin’,I ALWAYS enjoy seeing what you folks are listening to, and has been a feature that has had me searching for songs and related albums if any, resulting in me buying a cd reissue if available.

    Ín fact I’ve just ordered Clydie King’s “Direct Me”cd reissue after reading your feature, at £6,I can’t complain at that, look forward to be able to hear that.
    Once again, thank you folks, receiving Shindig! every month gives me a little bit of sunshine piercing through amongst the dark clouds.
    Good health to you ALL X
    Stuart Robertson.

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