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Shindig! Broadcast #126 – Our monthly Soho Radio show

This is a great show. Join JON ‘MOJO’ MILLS as he talks you through the early years of Shindig! accompanied by the music that helped it evolve


Alan Moorhouse ‘Psychodale’
The Worst ‘Creepy Thing’
The Tell Tale Hearts ‘Crawling Back To Me’
The Mystreated ‘You Better Run’
The Thanes ‘Shipwreck’
The Beatpack ‘Paint Yourself’
The Nuthins ‘Next Of Kin’
The Animals ‘Inside Looking Out’
We The People ‘When I Arrive’
Love Affair ‘Let Me Know’
Grapefruit ‘Come Down To The Station’
SRC ‘Up All Night’
The Move ‘Lightning Never Strikes Twice’
Bronco Bullfrog ‘Poor Mrs Witherspoon’
Little Bare Big Bear ‘Little Man’
Blue Mink ‘Jubilation’
The Beep Seals ‘I Used To Work At The Zoo’
The Junipers ‘Dandelion Man’
El Goodo ‘Information Overload’
Broadcast ‘The Book Lovers’
Broadcast ‘Where Love And Laughter Go’
Scott Hepple & The Sun Band ‘Sun And Moon’
The Lemon Twigs ‘How Can I Love Her More?’
The Strawberry Alarm Clock ‘Pretty Song From Psych Out’
The Oracle ‘Don’t Say No’
Alan Hawkshaw, Keith Mansfield ‘Teenage Chase’ 


One thought on “Shindig! Broadcast #126 – Our monthly Soho Radio show

  1. Only 5 months a member. Love the mag.
    Got a lot of music discovered.
    Keep up the great work.

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