Shindig! Broadcast #38

Jon ‘Mojo’ Mills and Thomas Patterson are joined by Craig Pennington from The Liverpool International Festival Of Psychedelia, to discuss… ermmm… you know



The Focus Group – Hazy Time

3 Degrees – Collage

Childhood – Californian Light

CRB – Behold The Seer

Can – I Want More

Spirit – Victim Of Society

Trad Gras Och Stenar – Sorgmarschen

Witch – You Better Know

The Black Angels – Indigo Meadows

The Proper Ornaments – Memories

Laetitia Sadier Source Ensemble Galactic Emergence

Castles – Fostereering

The Sonic Dawn – AS Of Lately

Once & Future Band – How Does It Make You Feel

TV Personalities – Smashing Time

Sundial – Exploding In Your Mind

Steve Ellis – Loots The Root

The Heliocentrics – Uptown Street Scene

The Small Faces – Don’t Burst My Bubble

Sandy Serjeant – Can’t Stop The Want

Paul Weller – Woo Sé Mama – Instrumental

Paul Weller – 22 Dreams

Little Barrie – Better Call Saul

Brinsley Scharwz – What’s Funny About Peace, Love & Understanding

Hampshire & Foat – A Long Way Home


Shindig! Broadcast #37

Jon ‘Mojo’ Mills, Thomas Patterson and Paul Osborne, recorded at the Shindig! bunker in Ruislip. Jon and Paul had to interview Paul Weller on the day the show was to be recorded at Soho Radio. They’ll return to the station in June. This show has something of a “black rock” feel about it


‘Elephants On Parade’  Disney Chorus

‘Ride With Captain Max’ Blonde On Blonde

‘Pinch The Dream’ Charles Mootehart

‘Love Stepped Out’ Ronnie D’Addario

‘In The Morning’ Robbie Bond

‘Tree Song’ Bert Jansch

‘Jack O Diamonds’ Ben Carruthers & The Deep

‘Who’ll Be The One You Love’ The Easybeats

‘Sleep Song’ Unicorn

‘Bolic’ Ike & Tina Turner

‘Ain’t No Telling’ Jimi Hendrix

‘Come Out In The Rain’ Parliament

‘I Got A Thing, You Got A Thing, Everybody’s Got A Thing’ Funkadelic

‘Function Underground’ We The People

‘The Siesta Is Over’ The Revolution

‘Politicians In My Eyes’ Death

‘Follow The Sun’ Dave Douglas

‘Long Way Home’ John Wonderling

‘Mystical Mountain’ Magic Bus

‘Please Believe Me’ Nirvana

‘The Walking Song’ The Turtles

‘Goodby Surprise’  The Turtles

‘King Of The Dawn’ The Sundowners

‘Hey Joe Where You Gonna Go?’ The Leaves

‘Big Bummer’ The Peanut Butter Conspiracy


Shindig! Broadcast #36

Jon ‘Mojo’ Mills and Thomas Patterson talk less than usual and play lots and lots of music


‘Oh Calcutta’ Nick Perito

‘Life Is Just Beginning’ The Creation

‘Another Cold & Windy Day’ Bee Gees

‘I Can See The Light’ Les Fleur De Lys

‘Satt Att Se’ Dungen

‘A Song For A New Age’ Tim Blake

‘King Of The Dawn’ The Sundowners

‘Morning Joy’ Peter Walker

‘Colorado’ Danny Holien

’You Do Too’ Mortimer

‘Crying To Be Heard’ Chris Harwood

‘Rainy Day In June’ Stoneground

‘It’s Gonna Be High Tonight’ Ashton, Gardner, Dyke & Co.

‘Heaven Is In Your Mind’ Three Dog Night

‘Rainmaker’ Traffic

‘PF Sloan’ Unicorn

‘Desert Island Woman’ Chilli Willi & The Red Hot Peppers

‘The Ballad Of John & Julie’ Unicorn

‘Jakten Genom Skogen’ Dungen

‘Things That Would Be Helpful To Know Before The Revolution’ Father John Misty

‘1970 In Aspic’ Robyn Hitchcok

‘Hangin’ On’ GospelbeacH

‘Real Love’ BNQT

’Souvenir Shop Rock’ Savoy Motel

‘Look & You Will Find’ John Woolley & Just Born

‘Baby What Do You Want Me To Do’ Sons Of Fred


Shindig! Broadcast #34

Jon ‘Mojo’ Mills and Thomas Patterson play a selection of tunes curated by the ever reliable Mr Patterson, with a few choice cuts from issues #64 and #65. The show includes mention of Jawbone’s new book on Dan Kicks, a thumbs up to Anton Newcombe, sad news regarding David Cassidy, conversation on Black Sabbath and Father John Misty… plus lots of fab music from Rabbit McKay, Traffic, The Carrie Nations, Margie Miller, Evie Sands, Karen Dalton, Linda Gayle, John Schroeder, Nat Stuckey and lots more…