Shindig! Broadcast #57

A brilliant show, with guests Emma Tricca and Cobalt Chapel. Jon ‘Mojo’ Mills and Thomas Patterson man the music, pose the questions and all have a grand time


WCPAEB into Soundcarriers ‘Harmonium’
Great Society ‘Free Advice’
Jefferson Airplane ‘Come Up The Years’
Oxford Circle ‘Foolish Woman’
The Mystery Trend ‘Johnny Was A Good Boy’
Stained Glass ‘A Scene In Between’
Neighb’rhood Children ‘Long Years In Space’
The Storybook ‘Pretty Song from Psych Out’
Blue Cheer ‘Out Of Focus’
Big Brother & The Holding Company ‘Oh Sweet Mary’
Kak ‘Everything’s Changing’
Moby Grape ‘Seeeing’
Joy Of Cooking ‘Did You Go Downtown’
Tripsichord Music Box ‘We Have Passed’
Janko Nilovic ‘Xenos Cosmos’
Zimpel/ Zolek ‘Elytra’
Emma Tricca & Cobalt Chapel ‘Winter My Dear’
Cobalt Chapel ‘Who Are The Strange (Variant)’
Cobalt Chapel ‘Black Eyes
Emma Tricca ‘Julian’s Wings’
Daniel Romano ‘All The Reaching Trims’
The Human Beinz ‘Nobody But Me’
Julie Felix ‘Snakeskin’
The Kinks ‘Last Of The Steam Powered trains’ (Live at The Julie Felix Show, Jan 7 1969)
Steve Mason ‘Stars Around My Heart’
Joel Sarakula ‘Baltic Jam’
Fickle Pickle ‘Let Me Be The One’



Shindig! Broadcast #56

Jon, Thomas and Paul return to Soho Radio for another corking show based on the latest issue

Billy Gibbons taking Thomas Patterson up to the 99th floor



WCPAEB intro into The Last Heard ‘East Side Sound’ (Instrumental)
Greenslade ‘What Are You Doin To Me’’
TOY ‘Sequence One’
Schizo Fun Addict ‘Voltage Alert’
The Free Design ‘Mccarren Airport’
Stephen Steinbrink ‘You Could Always Leave’
Paint ‘Moldy Man’
The Peawees ‘A Reason Why’
More Kicks ‘ What A Mess You Make’
The Ar-Kaics ‘ Sick & Tired’
The Green Pajamas ‘Walking In The Rain’
Pat Thomas ‘Reflection Chamber’
Episode Six ‘Morning Dew’
Trane ‘Mansion Of Cards’
Jethro Tull ‘ Sunshine Day’
Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats ‘Stranger Tonight’
Ty Segall ‘St Stephen’
The Move ‘Message From The Country’
ELO ‘Poker’
Bev Bevan ‘Let There Be Drums’
Gloria ‘Dancehall No. 3’
The Soundcarriers ‘Waves’
The Ace Of Cups ‘Medley (The Hermit / The Flame Still Burns / Gold and Green / Living in the Country)
David Crosby ‘What Are Their Names’
David Crosby ‘The Wall Song’
Matthews Southern Comfort ‘Woodstock’
The Bonzo Dog Band ‘Fresh Wound’
ZZ Top ‘Salt Lick’
ZZ Top ‘Just Got Paid’
The Moving Sidewalks ‘Every Night A New Surprise’


Shindig! Broadcast #55

JON ‘MOJO’ MILLS and THOMAS PATTERSON spin two hours worth of tunes, all featured in Shindig! #84

Sky Hawk ‘New Earth’  
Donovan ‘Sunny Goodge Street’
Donovan ‘Jersey Thursday’
Groovy Uncle ‘She’ll Never Be Mine’
The Heliocentrics ‘Capital Of Alone’
The Soundcarriers ‘Lose The Feel’
 The Anita Kerr Singers ‘Wine In The Wind’
Catherine Ribeiro + Alpes ‘Roc Alpin’
Guy Skornik ‘Des Arbres De Fer’
Lovey Dove ‘Bedazzled’
Wax Machine ‘This’
Goblin ’Suspira’
Paul Weller ‘Books’
Honeybus ‘Under The Silent Tree’
Roger James ‘High Into The Sky’
The Guess Who ‘No Time’
Mystic Braves ‘Shades Of Grey’
Mark Sultan ‘Coffin Nails’
The Creation Factory ‘I Don’t Know What To Do’
Rare Earth ‘I Know I’m Losing You’
Fever Tree ’99 And One Half’
The Bit O Sweet ‘Is It On Is It Off’
Matt Berry ‘World In Action’
Strange Majik ‘Tokoyo Timebomb’
Aretha Franklin ‘Niki Hoeky’
Dave Davies ‘Creeping Jean’
The Groundhogs ‘Mistreated’
Man ’Sudden Death’
The Roulettes ‘Junk’
Jacco Gardner ‘Volva’


Shindig! Broadcast #54

JON ‘MOJO’ MILLS and THOMAS PATTERSON return to the Soho Radio studios for another two hours of music and chat


  1.  Gryphon ‘Wallbanger’
  2. Bobbie Gentry ‘Mississippi Delta’ 
  3. Mavis Staples ‘Son Of A Preacher Man’ 
  4. Jonathan Jeremiah ‘The Stars Are Out’ 
  5. Rosalind Madison ‘Fancy’ 
  6. Creedence Clearwater Revival ‘It’s Just A Thought’  
  7. The Golliwogs ‘Walking On Water’ 
  8. The Graham Bond Organisation ‘Harmonica’ 
  9. The Primevals ‘Depth To Your Soul’ 
  10. Oh Sees ‘C’
  11. Electric Citizen ‘Lunch’  
  12. Curved Air ‘Backstreet Luv’ 
  13. Whyte Horses ‘The Greatest Love In Town’
  14. Bhopal’s Flowers ‘S.u.m.m.e.r’ 
  15. Parquet Courts ‘Mardi Gras Beads’ 
  16. Paul Weller ‘Gravity’ 
  17. Bobbie Gentry ‘Jeremiah’ 
  18. Bergen White ‘It’s Over Now’ 
  19. The Arbors ‘Okalona River Bottom Band’
  20. Icewater ‘All I See Is You’ 
  21. GospelbeacH ‘Freeway To The Canyon’ 
  22. Beachwood Sparks ‘Make It Together’ 
  23. The Babe Rainbow ‘Peace Blossom Boogy’  
  24. Circlus ‘Tintagic’
  25. Bird Streets ‘Same Dream’ 
  26. The Lemon Twigs ‘The Fire’
  27. Pawnshop ‘My Shade’  

The Shindig! Revue #3 Band Showcase – The Kumari

BEN ADLAM introduces THE KUMARI, the headline act for the third instalment of The Shindig! Revue at The Victoria, Dalston on the 17th August

Formed in 2012, The Kumari are a heavy psych trio cut from the mould of Brian Jonestown Massacre and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club but with more than a hint of Temples jangle on top. The Kumari have been delivering the fuzz goods across London stages since their formation.

Having released five singles on five different international labels, The Kumari have found a new home on Metal Postcards records and recently released their debut album The Kumari. The album successfully captures their live effervescence and will shake your fillings out, stand out track ‘Space Witch’ is a glam encrusted slice of fuzz feedback, with a pure rock ’n’ roll vocal on top.

Claude Pelletier provides vocals and guitar sounds, the enigmatic Hughsie H bangs the drums and Scott Custiss lays down the bass grooves.  More than a sum of its parts and more than just another rock trio, The Kumari blend the heavy ’00s psych sounds with ’60s beat jangle, ’70s glam and punk and a little ’90s indie for good measure. All bases covered. Now uncover your ears and catch them live this Friday!