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Shindig! Broadcast #112 – Our Monthly Radio Show

JON ‘MOJO’ MILLS interviews SIMON LOVE ahead of  our next Happening and spins a wealth of psych, prog and some newies


Nick Ingham ‘Stomp’
Modificación ‘Across The Time’
Skorpis ’No Hay Tiempo Para Creer’
Los Brincos ‘Emacipation’
Cerebrum ’Time’s Door’
Supersister ‘Higher’
Annaabee-Nox ‘Always On My Mind’
George Cash ‘Calling Out Your Name’
Golden Earring ‘The Truth About Arthur’
Group 1850 ‘Misty Night’
Tower ‘Slow Motion Mind’
Brainbox ‘Down Man’
Sandy Coast ‘From The Workshop’
The Motions ‘Slow Motion’
Sleepy ‘Is It Really The Same’
Kaplan Kaye ‘I Like’
Hayden Wood ‘The House Beside Mine’
Project Gemini ‘After The Dawn’
Sam Blassuci ’Turn Yourself Around’
The Lemon Twigs ‘In My Head’
Simon Love ‘North Road’
Simon Love ‘I Will Always Love You Anyway’
Glass Harp ‘Where Did My World Come From’
Banchee ‘I Just Don’t Know’
Emmett Finley ‘Monster’
John Wondering ‘Long Way Home’
Eddie Callahan ‘Paper Rain’
Ambrosia ‘Holdin’ On To Yesterday’
The Alan Parsons Project ‘The Fall Of The House Of Usher: Pavane’


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