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Shindig! Broadcast #87

What a fab show! JON ‘MOJO’ MILLS interviews Jamie Rubenstein from BYZANTIUM, Martin Ruddock talks The Mamas & The Papas, and there’s a ton of great music


Sonic Flower ‘Superwitch’
The Coral ‘Faceless Angel’
Triptides ‘Let It Go’
Timon ‘Rambling Boy’
Danny Kroha ‘Leavin’ Blues’
Captain Beefheart ‘My Head Is My Only House Until It Rains’
Fruit Bats ‘Discovering’
Harvey Andrew’s ‘Riding Free’
Cory Hanson ‘Pale Horse Rider’
Natalie Bergman ‘Shine Your Light On Me’
Meg Webb ‘What’s The Logic’
Wendy Martinez ‘La Chevauchèè Electrique’
Nigel Planer ‘Wasted’
Stapley Markstein ‘What Can You Want Of Me’
Gary Higgins ‘Unable To Fly’
Tamara Koran & The Perception ‘Veils Of Morning Lace’
Val McKenna ‘House For Sale’
Miriam ‘My Love Has Gone’
Kraftwerk ‘Ruckzuck’
Lilys ‘Shovel Into Spade Kit’
Lilys ‘Unheard Of Curiosities’
New Trolls ‘Iv Tempo: Shadows (Per Jimi Hendrix)
Ora ‘Seashore’
Byzantium‘I Can See You’
Byzantium ‘Surely Peace Will Come To Those Who Try’
The Mamas & The Papas ‘Go Where You Wanna Go’


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