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Shindig!’s 10 Of The Best: The Songs Of P F Sloan

P F Sloan in 1967

Philip ‘P F’ Sloan passed away on Sunday 15th November at the age of 70 after a brief battle with pancreatic cancer.

The NYC-born singer-songwriter released his first single, ‘All I Want Is Loving’, in 1959 aged just 14, then became a staff writer at Screen Gems Music, working for the likes of Jan & Dean, often in conjunction with writing partner Steve Barri. He formed surf band The Fantastic Baggys and appeared on countless recordings as an on-off member of The Wrecking Crew before going to pen a string of era-defining hits during the remainder of the ’60s. He continued performing and recording intermittently up until his death.

As a tribute to this monumental and unique talent, Shindig! is proud to present 10 interpretations of Sloan’s most popular ’60s songs.

1. Secret Agent Man – Johnny Rivers (1966)

2. Can I Get To Know You Better – The Turtles (1966)


3. Herman’s Hermits – A Must To Avoid (1966)


4. The Grass Roots – Where Were You When I Needed You (1966)

5. Jan & Dean – I Found A Girl (1965)

6. The 5th Dimension – Another Day, Another Heartache (1967)

7. Ivans Meads – The Sins Of A Family (1965)

8. The West Coast Pop-Art Experimental Band – Here’s Where You Belong (1967)

9. The Association – On A Quiet Night (1968)

10. Barry McGuire – Eve Of Destruction (1965)




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