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Shindig! Broadcast #85

JON ‘MOJO’ MILLS delves inside issue #85 with contributions from JOHNNIE JOHNSTONE (talking Sly Stone), and editors PAUL OSBORNE (celebrating Serge Gainsbourg) and Andy Morten. Another great radio show for the totally cool Soho Radio



Serge Gainsbourg ‘En Melody’ 
The Ghost Funk Orchestra ‘Little Bird’
Midnight Sister ‘Satellite’
Baby Shakes ‘Sweet ’n’ Sour (Part 2)’
A Raincoat ‘It Came In The Night’
The Misunderstood ‘I Can Take You To The Sun’
The United States Of Existence ‘Returns To The Psychedelic’
Farmer Dave & The Wizards Of The West ‘Right Vibrations’
The Bangles ‘Under A Cloud’
The First Class ‘What Became Of Me’
The Higher State ‘In The Morning I Will Roam’
The Daily Flash ‘The French Girl’
Alex Maas ‘Been Struggling’
Spencer Cullum ‘Jack Of Fools’
Wizz Jones ‘One Grain Of Sand’
Aaron Frazer ‘Bad News’
Sly & The Family Stone ‘Stand’
Sly & The Family Stone ‘Family Affair’
Sly & The Family Stone ‘My Gorilla Is My Butler’
Mogul Thrash ‘Sleeping In The Kitchen’
Serge Gainsbourg ‘Melody’
Serge Gainsbourg ‘Cargo Culte’
Serge Gainsbourg ‘L’hôtel particulier (BOF “Melody Nelson”)’
Help Yourself ’Street Songs’
Stray ‘Jericho’
Barbara & Ernie ‘Play With Fire’
Pete Dello & Friends ‘There’s Nothing That I Can Do For You’
Julie Covington ‘If I Had My Time Again’
Fresh Mggotts ‘Rosemary Hill’ 
Flower Travellin’ Band ‘Satori II’ 
Vainica Doble ‘Caramelo De Limón’


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