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Shindig! Broadcast #25 with Judy Dyble


Jon ‘Mojo’ Mills and Thomas Patterson play the music behind Shindig! magazine. Judy Dyble from Fairport Convention / Trader Horne pops in to discuss the London counter culture of the ’60s

As always we had a ball. Yes, the fader wasn’t on to start with, a song cut out and so on… Bah, mere teething problems. Once we started getting into it we were cooking with gas. What music! What music! Judy was absolutely lovely too.

We’ll be back at Soho Radio on July 14th. And remember, any bands or singers who inhabit the Shindigverse are welcome to come on air to be interviewed and play… we can accommodate sessions… And labels, send lovely vinyl our way. We aim to grow this show… from small things etc etc


Not in correct running order


Fairport Convention ‘I Don’t Know Where I Stand’

Giles, Giles & Fripp ‘I Talk To The Wind’

Trader Horne ‘The Mixed Up Kind’

The Pink Fairies ‘Do it’

We The People ’My Brother The Man’ (Vers 2)

Grapefruit ‘Ain’t It Good’

The End ‘My Friend’

Blossom Toes ‘What On Earth’

Reggie King ‘You Gotta Believe Me’

Spirit ‘Life Has Just Begun’

Clear Light ’She’s Ready To Be free’

Brinsley Schwarz ‘Country Girl’

Free Design ‘Bubbles’

Broadcast ‘Come On Let’s Go’

Wendy & Bonnie ‘Let Yourself Go’

The United States Of America ‘The Garden Of Earthly Delights’

Francoise Hardy ‘Song Of Winter’

Tricca McNiff ‘Southern Star’


Kenny & The Kasuals ‘Journey To Thyme’

Denise & Company ‘Baby What’ll You Do Then’

Moby Grape ‘Indifference’


Vicki Britton & Milo Bump ‘Shootout At The Plantation’

Roy Gaines ‘Heavy Load’

Henry Mancini ‘The Party’ (Instro) Talk over


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