Smiley post-Creation band with Bob Garner

RIP Bob Garner. Obituary in coming issue. Here’s a single, unseen pic and info regarding his early ’70s act SMILER


L-R are John Ryan, Bob Garner, Billy Fogg , Peter Richardson and  Douglas Dickson.

Bassist Douglas Dickson (who also sent Shindig! the photo) told Robin Wills “‘Penelope’,wasn’t really representative of the band, Kenny Picket wrote the A-side, but never played on it. Organ was a session man brought in. I agree the production was poor even for those days.” Will himself writes on his PurePop blog: “Post Creation single featuring Bob Garner. ‘I Know What I Want’ ( written by Bob Garner) is an atmospheric semi-glam/late fuzzbeat stomper. As a further link to The Creation; both sides were co-produced by Shel Talmy, but strangely the production lacks a bit of power and bite. The A-side is pretty hard to take: It’s a seriously grating piece of ’70s Bubblegum, with obnoxious kiddie vocals.”