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David Bowie Deep Cuts

Shindig! was saddened beyond words by the unexpected, and in hindsight “laid out in song” death of DAVID BOWIE

A career spanning over 50 years offered many Bowies (and, at first, a Jones). He flirted with, and routinely pioneered, R&B, pop-art, folk, hard-rock, prog, glam, singer-songwriter, soul, avant-garde, theatrical and jazz… the list goes on… with a magpie eye and a uniquely surreal articulacy.
Everyone has their favourite Bowie: a cool minority only stick with the ’60s, others the golden ’69-80 period and a select few his mid-90s rebirth – here was a man that would not milk one idea or, later in his life, allow age to bracket him as a heritage act. It’s not hard to love it all – Bowie was rarely any less than interesting.
He was undeniably so much more than a rock music icon.
Allow us to take you on a journey through the great man’s recorded legacy via the scenic route and a couple of unplanned detours. Watch the videos here and read our writer’s personal takes on these songs in issue #54.







One thought on “David Bowie Deep Cuts

  1. A great, great man and a passion for many over the years. I prefer anything prior to 1980 but I do listen to anything by the great man. My favourite is Memory of a Free Festival but to be honest they are all fantastic. He will be missed by many and rememberd by millions.

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