4 comments on “Herman’s Hermits’ Deep Cuts

  1. HH’s were certainly one of the best groups of the 60’s and my favorite. It’s great to have Shindig do this article do fans can relive the music once again.

  2. The ” Blaze ” album is certainly worth re- visiting with their version of the Donovan song ” Museum ” a particular treat

  3. The Repertoire cd of “Blaze”has loads of fab extra cuts on it,one particular track is “Its Alright now””from 1969 i think it was,a tough sounding Hermans Hermits!!Well worth a listen!But that cd is highly recommended,it includes a few tracks already mentioned on here.I also have the 4 cd jubilee box set “Into Something Good-The Mickie Most Years,1964-1972″,this includes their fab version of Nirvanas”Wings Of Love”,but there are many good songs on this set,love the Hermits!!!!Glad to know others feel the same!!Finally one curio i do have is a cd by Keith Hopwood and friends titled “Vault 69″available from his site in 2002,this cd features some rather sike type numbers written between 66-69 and most recorded as demos in 69 at his pluto studios in stockport!!!Enough from me!!

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