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Playing Songs In A Time Of Quarantine – A Series By Camilla Aisa

It’s hard to know what to do in these unprecedented times we are living through, there are no rules and seemingly no end to days spent at home gazing out of the window. Music Saves. To share music is to share a little of your soul with others, to express yourself in a way that is not possible with words alone. Shindig! Magazine writer and friend CAMILLA AISA has put together an ongoing series of playlists simply titled PLAYING SONGS IN A TIME OF QUARANTINE, jump in and see where you end up.


#1: You Have The Floor, Dr Mishmash


#2: The Ohm Sweet Ohm Workout


#3: Turn On, Stay In, Drop Out


#4: House Tour Does The Basement


#5: Echo’s Address Book


#6: Drifter’s Fringe


#7 More Dreams That Happened


#8: Pie N’ Smash


#9: Awaken With The Spheres


#10: You Won’t See Me In The Morning


#11: Iced Tea and Rainbow Breeze


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