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Shindig! Broadcast #75

JON ‘MOJO’ MILLS locked down, but still broadcasting for Soho Radio. Hardly a war effort, but cool all the same. Amazing music


Piero Piccioni ‘Psychedelic Mood’
Espers ‘Riding’
Jack Sharp ‘White Hare’ 
A Girl Called Eddy ‘Two Hearts’
Magick Brother & Mystic Sister ‘Waterford ’
Extraa ‘A Flower And A Man’
Saba Lou ‘Dirty Blonde’
The Sonic Dawn ‘Young Love, Old Hate’
The Rain Parade ‘Kaleidoscope’
The Freeborne ‘Land Of Diana’
The Hollies  ‘Maker’
Cat Stevens ‘Lovely City (When Do You Laugh?)’
Paul & Barry Ryan ‘Keep It Out Of Sight’
Peter & Gordon ‘London At Night’
Barnabus ‘Apocylaspse’
Wicked Lady ‘I’m A Freak’
The Prisoners ‘I Am The Fisherman’
The Prisoners ‘The More That I Teach You’
The  Prime Movers ‘The Good Things’
Graham Day & The Gaolers ‘I Don’t Want To Be Young’
The Bonzo Dog Band ‘Quiet Walks And Summer Talks’
Neil Innes ‘How Sweet To Be An Idiot’ 
The Beau Brummels ‘Don’t Talk To Strangers’
The Beau Brummels ‘Magic Hollow’
The Beau Brummels ‘Deep Water’
Rod McKuen ‘A Gallery Of Assorted Beats’
Golden Earrings ‘Backbiting Baby’
Supersister ‘Bagoas’ (Single Version)
The Idle Race ‘The Morning Sunshine’
The Collectors ‘Lydia Purple’
Leon Thomas ‘The Creator Has A Master Plan (Peace)’


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