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The Shindig! Broadcast #73 – Celebrating our 100th issue

JON ‘MOJO’ MILLS, THOMAS PATTERSON and BEN ADLAM celebrate 100 issues of Shindig! with appearances from many familiar names 

Listen to the  congratulations on their own…. with one late arrival from Big Star’s Jody Stephens.


Mr Elevator ‘Bamboo Forest’ ** Quiet due to technical issue
Supergrass ‘Melanie Davis’ ** Quiet due to technical issue
Anna Karina ‘Roller Girl’
Wendy & Bonnie ‘Five In The Morning’
The Great Society ‘Grimly Forming’
Moby Grape ‘Motorcycle Irene’
The Youngbloods ‘Sham’
The Stoics ‘Hate’
The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band ‘Carte Blanche’
The Isley Brothers ‘Ohio/Machine Gun’ 
The Electric Prunes ‘The Great Banana Hoax’ 
The Count Five ‘Revelation In Slow Motion’
The Amboy Dukes ‘Journey To The Centre Of The Mind’
Big Brother, Ernie Joseph ‘ESP’
The Pretty Things ‘Cold Stone’
The Peanut Butter Conspiracy ‘It’s A Happening Thing’
The Free Design ‘Bubbles’
Broadcast ‘Papercuts’
Linda Perhacs ‘Parellelograms’
Stackridge ‘Percy The Penguin’ 
Michael Fennelly ‘Shine A Light’
Tages ‘I Read You Like An Open Book’
The Left Banke ‘She May Call You Up To Tonight’
The Outsiders ‘You Remind Me Of’
Small Faces ‘Don’t Burst My Bubble’
John’s Children ‘Jagged Time Lapse’


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