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Shindig! Broadcast with live guests The Wicked Whispers

Another great day at lovely London’s Soho Radio. Mills messed up less than usual and the sounds were ace. Thanks to The Wicked Whispers for popping in and playing some acoustic tunes




Serge Gainsbourg ‘En Melody’

The Action ‘Wasn’t It You’

Roy Harper ‘Bank Of The Dead’

Steamhammer ‘Leader Of The Ring’

Tim Buckley ‘She’s Back Again’

The Last Of The Easy Riders ‘Travelling Spirit’

Vanishing Twin ‘Choose Your Own’ Monster’

Muddy Waters ‘Tom Cat’

Sam Evian ’Sleep Easy’

The Higher State ‘Long Someways To Go’

The Bleu Forest ‘Bitter Street’

U.S Male ‘You Got Yours’

Lee Moses ‘Hey Joe’

Reason ‘The View From Tim Thompson’s Cell’

Paul Butterfield Blues Band ‘East West’

Cliff Richard ‘Throw Down A Line’

Supergrass ‘Going Out’

The Wicked Whispers ‘If I Set You Free’

The Wicked Whispers ‘Ripples Through Time'(Live)

The Wicked Whispers ‘If I Set You Free’ (Live)

Help Yourself ‘Paper Leaves’

Hawkwind ‘Space Is Deep’




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