Shindig! Broadcast #27

Whilst Jon ‘Mojo’ Mills was away on his hols, sunning himself in Italy, Paul Osborne and Thomas Patterson man the decks with guest Barrie Cadogan aka Little Barrie

Shindig! Broadcast #27

Charles Rouse ‘Hopscotch’
The Salt ‘Lucifer’
The Youngsters ‘I Wanna Be Your Man’
The Turtles ‘Grim Reaper Of Love’
The Reigning Sound ‘North Cackalacky Girl’
The Beatles ‘Birthday’
Elephant’s Memory ‘Hot Dog Girl’
Skip Spence ‘War & Peace’
The Cobra Lamps ‘Known To All’
The Cobra Lamps ‘Little Drones’
Little Barrie ‘I.C.5.A.’
Ennio Morricone ‘Svolta Definitiva’
The Yardbirds ‘Stroll On’
Paul Jones ‘The Dog Presides’
TheYardbirds ‘Think About It’
Dorothy Ashby ‘The Moving Finger’
Rotary Connection ‘Respect’
The Equals ‘Black Skin Blue Eyed Boys’
The Soundtrack Of Our Lives ‘Infra Riot’
Jim Sullivan ‘Highway’ (RCA single version)
SOD ‘Too Loose To Get Tight’
The Bangles ‘7×7 Is’ (Live)
Beachwood Sparks ‘Watery Moonlight’
Sheridan & Price ‘Lightning Never Strikes’
The Stairs ‘Flying Machine’
Diane Coffee ‘Everyday’
SRC ‘Up All Night’


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