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Kelley Stoltz ‘Hide In A Song’ – Video Premiere

From the new album La Fleur by San Francisco psych-pop legend KELLEY STOLTZ comes the glorious pop single ‘Hide In A Song’, and a new promotional film bathed in the cosmic radiance vision of director Rachel Lichtman (Programme 4)

Kelley Stoltz has spent the past two years writing and recording his 18th album, La Fleur. The dazzling 12 song collection will be released in June 2024 by Agitated in Europe/UK and Dandy Boy Records in the USA.
This video and more from Kelley Stoltz will also appear in the next happening episode of Programme 4

3 thoughts on “Kelley Stoltz ‘Hide In A Song’ – Video Premiere

  1. Sounds like Flying Color, so 80’s…………. this guy Baba Stiltz Paid Testimony is much better.

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