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The Shindig! Broadcast Xmas Show

Yes indeed, ’tis the season. Wintry solstice vibes meets ’60s psych and jazz Xmas fare… and wisdom from the team. What more could you ask for?


Keith Mansfield ‘The First Christmas’
Isao Tomita ‘Snowflakes Are Dancing
The Blues Magoos ‘Jingle Bells’
Cix Bits ‘Seasons Greetings’
Alan Stivell ‘YS’
Sandy Denny ‘No End’
Midwinter ‘Winter Song’
Mandy Morton ‘Ghost Of Christmas Past’
Tintern Abbey ’Snowman’
Paul Revere & The Raiders ‘Macy’s Window’
The Factory ‘Candy Cane Madness’
Green Seagull ‘God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen’
The Lemon Twigs ‘When Winter Comes Around’
Spencer Cullum ‘Betwixt And Between’
The Coral ‘North Wind’
The Clientele ‘Garden Eye Mantra’
Meg Baird ‘Star Hill Song’
Jonathan Wilson ‘East LA’
Wil Malone ‘Winter In Boston’
Wendy & Bonnie ‘The Winter Is Cold’
Jackie DeShannon ‘Do You Know How Christmas Trees Are Grown?’
Brian Hyland ‘It’s Christmas Time Once Again’
Large Plants ‘This Lock Will Hold’
Lou Rawls ‘Christmas Will Really Be Christmas’
Rotary Connection ‘If Peace Was All We Had’
Jimmy Smith ‘God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen’
Foxygen ‘America’
John Gregory ‘Earth Shaker’
Barbara Moore ‘Hot Heels’
John Gregory ‘Slipstream’
Birds & Brass ‘American Woman’


One thought on “The Shindig! Broadcast Xmas Show

  1. Cold and dark in the UK? Not for me on holiday in New Zealand, where we have just had the shortest day of the year. Love the music, especially the tracks that not even a sixties obsessive like myself have heard before?

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