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Shindig! Broadcast #117 – Our monthly Soho Radio show

JON ‘MOJO’ MILLS is joined by ANDY MORTEN and MOLE for a summer holiday psych-pop mix and a chat about The Embrooks’ return


Brian Bennett ‘Traffic Patterns’
Roger Waters / Ron Geesin ‘Breathe’
Colin Scot ‘Nite People’
Adam Camm ‘Please Sincerely Mr Jones’
Billy Tibbals ‘Three In The Morning’
Brett Smiley ‘Space Ace’
Little Richard ‘Second Line’
The Sweet Enough ‘Mysterious River Snake’
Ixthuele ‘Zebra Limbo’
The Magicians ‘Lady Fingers’
Blossom Toes ‘Postcard’
Kaleidoscope ‘Holiday Maker’
Jason Crest ‘Two By The Sea’
Frabjoy & Runcible Spoon ‘It’s The Best Seaside In The World’
The Mindbenders ‘Uncle Joe The Ice cream Man’
The Californians ‘On The Beach’
Rainbow Ffolly ‘Sun And Sand’
Ora ‘Seashore’
The Hollies ‘Postcard’
The Kinks ‘Holiday In Waikkiki’
The Human Instinct ‘Death Of The Seaside’
The Bystanders ‘Royal Blue Summer Sunshine Day’
Jason Crest ‘A Place In The Sun’
Fickle Pickle ‘Holiday Farm’
Honeybus ‘She Sold Blackpool Rock’
Octopus ‘Tide’
Shady Daze ‘I’ll Make You Pay’
The Embrooks ‘Black-Hatted Lady’
The Embrooks ‘In The Sky’
James Mean ‘Seeing Her’


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