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Nasser Bouzida ‘The Lynx’ Video Premiere

Some Hammond-Jazz from Big Boss Man’s NASSER BOUZIDA? Yes please

Nasser Bouzida is a self-taught musician who has been playing and composing since the ripe age of 15. He made his TV debut on Saturday Superstore when he was just 12 years old.

Starting his journey on his Mum’s pots and pans, she eventually bought him a drum kit, and he slowly started playing percussion, bass guitar, piano and keyboards, eventually moving on to production and mixing too.

Nasser formed the Ska band The Loafers with his school mates when he was just 15. They backed Laurel Aitken for two years and regularly supported Desmond Dekker and Bad Manners. He has since played in groups such as Skooby, Espadrille and currently Big Boss Man (with his life-long friend Trevor Harding), also recently releasing a solo reggae/roots/ska album under the pseudonym Big Boss Sound.

Nasser has also contributed on recordings from Morcheeba, Prince Fatty, Holly Golightly and The Link Quartet to name a few, also collaborating with Fay Hallam, remixing Paul Weller’s
version of ‘The Bottle’ (the Big Boss Man remix), and is also a visual artist.

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