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Walker Phillips ‘Juniper & Jade’ premiere

Fabulous new vintage ’60s/70s sounding psychedelic folk from San Francisco, courtesy of WALKER PHILLIPS. ‘Juniper & Jade’s taken from the Guerssen album God’s Eye

Acid-folk fans rejoice!

God’s Eye is the second album by San Francisco based psych-folk musician Walker Phillips. It was recorded in the best ’60s-70s tradition using only analogue tape and vintage instruments. According to Walker, “It contains some of the best songs I’ve written.” The first side is a suite of pleasant, delicate songs of pure psychedelic-folk bliss that recall Arthur Lee Harper or Donovan at times, while Side Two is a full blown psychedelic/ jazz/experimental single track inspired by Miles Davis’ ‘Bitches Brew’, meticulously tape-spliced from about one hour of improvisation. It wanders somewhere between Stockhausen, Pink Floyd and The Grateful Dead.


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