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Shindig! Broadcast #111 – Our monthly Soho Radio show

JON ‘MOJO’ MILLS presents another two hours of amazing music, including a UK psych mix, some vintage garage-punk blasts, a smattering of prog-disco, and an interview with GREEN DIESEL ahead of our March Happening


Dave Richmond ‘Confunktion’
Triangle ‘Litanies’
Steve Hillage ‘It’s All Too Much’
Paul And Ritchie & The Crying Shames ‘Come On Back’
Keith West ‘The Kid Was A Killer’
Jigsaw ’Tumblin’’
The Locomotive  ‘Mr. Armageddan’
Esprit de Corps  ‘If (Would It Turn Out Wrong)’
23rd Turnoff ‘Michael Angelo’
The Fox ‘Butterfly’
Writing On The Wall ‘Buffalo’
Majority One ‘Get Back Home’
Ace Kefford Stand ‘Gravy Booby Jamm’
Bronco Bullfrog ‘Poor Mrs Witherspoon’
Bronco Bullfrog ‘Together’
Head West ‘Changes’
Pacific Gas & The Electric ‘Live Love’
The Illusion ‘Did You See Her Face’
Bronco Bullfrog ‘History’
Green Diesel ‘The White Heart’
Mellow Candle ‘The Poet & The Witch’
Genesis ‘Dusk’
Caravan ‘Hello Hello’
Collage ‘Mets Neidude Vahel’
Can ‘I Want More’
Soft Machine ‘Soft Space Pt. 1’
The Alan Parsons Project ‘Hyper-Gamma-Spaces’
The Jellybean Bandits ‘Generation’
The Front Line ‘Got Love’
The Breakers ‘Don’t Send Me No Flowers (I Ain’t Dead Yet)’


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