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The story of ’60s garage band legends The Sloths

The Sloths played Hollywood’s Sunset Strip in the mid-60’s with legends such as Pink Floyd, The Animals, and The Doors. Releasing a racy single called ‘Makin’ Love” as teenagers may have prevented The Sloths from becoming legends themselves. Twenty years later the single resurfaced on the influential Back From The Grave series. Almost fifty years after the single, The Sloths reunited to perform incendiary live shows and record their first album. Check out their amazing story here


2 thoughts on “The story of ’60s garage band legends The Sloths

  1. John Fallon (The Steppes) of The Laissez Fairs here…..I just played a show with The Sloths and The Astaires a few weeks ago here in Las Vegas…what a great night!… was part of a nutty weekend of recording tracks at 11th Street Studio for a special upcoming 7″ 45 with both The Sloths and The Astaires. I got a chance to hang out in the studio with both bands for 2 days…and the whole experience was fantastic…..some young, some old…all cool….

  2. Hank Daniels was a friend of mine in High School. It’s great to see The Sloths recognized now even if he isn’t here to see it.

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