The Hanging Stars ‘How I Got This Way’ (feat. Miranda Lee Richards) Premiere

Walthamstow’s psych-folk-country quartet THE HANGING STARS release the second single, ‘How I Got This Way’, from their forthcoming album Songs For Somewhere Else (out 9th February 2018). The dreamy country lament features angelic harmonies from psych folk singer MIRANDA LEE RICHARDS. See them at Servant Jazz Quarters – London on Wed 22nd Nov.

Taking cues from both sides of the Atlantic, The Hanging Stars mainline the dying embers of the early’ 70s psychedelic-folk and cosmic-country scenes, transforming them into an energized new sound for our times. The album, Songs For Somewhere Else, is about escapism from the everyday, against the cynicism and greed that pervades society.

Tracing their inspiration from Dennis Wilson to Gram Parsons and On The Beach era Neil Young, they equally draw from early gospel soaked Spiritualized, jangle pop, spaghetti western soundtracks, old Bossa Nova records and prohibition-era blues.

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Michael Rault ‘Sleep With Me’

We love MICHAEL RAULT. Now signed with Wick Records (the rock imprint of Daptones)  expect great things are guaranteed. His critically acclaimed album Living Daylight was released in 2015 (and raved about by us). Since then he’s been busy at work on his follow-up. To give fans a taste of what he’s been working on, here’s the video for his new song ‘Sleep With Me’. 

Directed by Laura-Lynn Petrick (who has made videos for Weyes Blood and Nick Waterhouse, among others), ‘Sleep With Me’ is a gorgeous Super-8 dream. “I wrote this song about dreams and sleeping, and escaping the realities of day-to-day life,” says Rault. “It also has slick guitarmonies! I was digging Wings and ELO and the grandiose pop arrangements of the ’70s, and decided to try my hand at something kind of over the top like that.” Read more Michael Rault ‘Sleep With Me’



*Sponsored Post* New London musical event

Have you ever wondered what the music scene will look like in a few years time?

At the moment, the pop songs are on top of the music charts all over the world so of course it might be possible that majority of people will forget or have already forgotten about the other genres like metal, disco, jazz, classical music or rock.

But wasn’t it rock music that used to be the most played and loved genre in the past? Everybody was obsessed with The Beatles, AC/DC or Elvis Presley back in the 50’s and 60’s. So what happened?

If you ask your children who Metallica, The Rolling Stones or Nirvana are they will not know. The fact that they once were the greatest rock groups, everybody loved them and not many people listened to pop music will shock them.

But worry no more. We have a great way how to take you to a world where rock music is as admired as it has never been before!

KRANKENSTEIN is a unique theatre show that takes place in the future, in year 2059 where pop music industry rules the world. But big rock playboys have decided that it has to change. They are ready to fight for what they love, claim back all that has been stolen from them and make it even bigger and better.

If you miss the sound of deep voices and unique fashion choices, come to the London Fabric club between Tuesday 14th November and Thursday 16th November and let the sound of an electric guitar tickle your ears.

Tickets are priced at £18 each, with just 50 available per date.

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Shindig! Broadcast #43

Jon, Paul and Thomas return to Soho Radio for another fab two hours of music and chat


Serge Gainsbourg & Jean-Claude Vannier ‘The Pleasure Pit’

The Amboy Dukes ‘Surrender To Your Kings’

Bob Edmund ‘Saturday Thought’

Stray ‘Son Of The Father’

The Tremeloes ‘Willow Tree’

Dubi Dolzcek ‘Martian Lady’

39th & The Nortons ‘I Ain’t Hiding’

Koes Bersaudara ‘Poor Clown’

The Buff Medways ‘Dustbin Mod’

Jimmy Webb ‘Sleeping’ In The Daytime’

Lee Hazlewood ‘You Look Like A Lady’

Linda Lewis ’Spring Song’

Graham Goldman ‘Nowhere To Go’

Graham Gouldman ‘We’ve Made It To The Top’

Gillian Hills ‘Tomorrow Is Another Day’

Chris Gantry ‘Away Away’

Angelica Rockne ‘Glitter Rags’

Motorpsycho ‘Stardust’

The Small Faces ‘Show Me The Way’

The Faces ‘Stone’

Ronnie Lane & Slim Chance ‘Anymore For Anymore’

Ronnie Lane’s Slim Chance ‘I’m Just A Country Boy’

Ronnie Lane’s Slim Chance ‘Nobody’s Listenin’’

Ron Wood & Ronnie Lane ‘Just For A Moment’


Sacred Shrines ‘Come Down From The Mountain’ and Making Of Premiere

Australia’s psych/garage cult quintet SACRED SHRINES will release its debut album, Come Down from the Mountain on November 17 via Rogue Wave Records. The Brisbane-based group delivers juicy psychedelic and garage-inspired tunes with fuzzy guitars and driving rhythms wrapped in gorgeous reverb and a rare authenticity

Vocalist / guitarist Phil Usher says:

“‘Collisions’ is one of the earlier tracks we worked on when we formed the band and I think it’s a good example of the more garage end of where our sound sits. The song is about that moment where you find yourself at the edge of making an important decision and the feeling you get when you’re standing at the precipice before you push the button. This track was mixed by Michael Badger from The Demon Parade and he definitely nailed the sound we were shooting for. The exploding backwards guitar solo does it for me every time.”