Edward Penfold

Psych/Garage Bristolians Taos Humm’s EDWARD PENFOLD is striking out with his debut solo release Caulkhead on Stolen Body Records in March. IAN O’SULLIVAN approves

Edward Penfold - Press Shot

Caulkhead (the name given to a native of The Isle Of Wight, Penfold’s place of birth) mixes Floyd/Kevin Ayers-inspired off-kilter pop (‘Up Down’, ‘Sunny Day’, ‘If You Like’) with longer, more meditative and progressive pieces. The overall effect is a blend of the old and the new, nostalgic but of the present day.

“I like songs/art/television etc that stir me,” Penfold tells Shindig! “but which also have humility. It’s important to take things seriously. It’s also important to not take things seriously. It feels like there is a push and pull between the two within everything I do. Whether that comes across, I don’t know.” When pressed for influences, Penfold offers “Syd Barrett, The Kinks, Seal Floyer, Francis Alys, The Royal Family all do it for me.”

Accompanied by the members of the band Taos Humm, Velcro Hooks, Factotum and record producer/engineer Dom Mitcheson (Malthouse Studios) the group travelled from their Bristol base to The Isle Of Wight to record Caulkhead. “It wasn’t a planned thing, other than I had some songs I wanted to record with my friends. I thought it would be nice to do it on the Island.” The LP was recorded on single track tape. “I’m not adverse to digital recording. I just don’t have much experience with it. Tape is easy. Get a good sound, put some mics in a the right places and record it.”

Lyrically, the songs range from observations about the everyday (“the shop where everything costs £1, where the Woolies used to be” from the song ‘Caulkhead’) to surreal flights of fancy (‘Sunny Day’). Penfold, however, doesn’t make a distinction. “I think it is important to make something and consider it later,” he says. “In doing so I feel I always steer back to the everyday. Even the surreal seems to be grounded in literalism”

Edward will be doing a stint of promotion throughout March/April including

24 March Live session with Marc Riley – Radio 6

27 March Benjamin Perry Boathouse – Bristol​

​1st April Royal Oak – Bath

2nd April Prince Albert – Stroud

Caulkhead is released on March 18th on Stolen Body Records


The Chris Robinson Brotherhood live UK debut with Shindig! Deejays



The Chris Robinson Brotherhood visit England for the first time (although the band members have been here on many occasions, notably Chris with his old band The Black Crowes).

The CRB (as they are affectionately known by fans) made an immediate impact upon their boldly unconventional debut in early 2011 after Chris came together with guitarist Neal Casal, drummer George Sluppick, bassist Mark Dutton, and keyboard player Adam McDougall. The Brotherhood embarked on close to 50 shows over nine weeks in California before ever leaving the Golden State. In fact, they’d wait until 2012 to truly introduce themselves nationally with the release of two sprawling studio albums: Big Moon Ritual and The Magic Door, which showcase a freewheeling improvisational chemistry. Phosphorescent Harvest, their latest album, was released in April 2014.

Shindig! interviewed Chris for issue #49 and an instant friendship was struck.

On the back of this clash of fine tastes Chris has asked Shindig! to deejay in-between sets. Expect some pastoral, cosmic and wide-eyed sounds from the team.

Tickets can be bought here and both the band and magazine would love to see you all at the show.



The Stairs … are back! 2016 UK Tour Dates Announcement


The Stairs are back from 20 years of hibernation, refreshed and once again armed with their exciting hybrid of cosmic psychedelia, raucous R&B and ’60s west coast garage sounds. Reforming for a one off show in their hometown of Liverpool back in November 2015, The Stairs – led by bassist/vocalist Edgar ‘Summertyme’ Jones (The Joneses, Paul Weller, Johnny Marr) and accompanied by original band members Ged Lynn (guitar/vocals) and Paul Maguire (drums)  – cooked up a storm to a sold out crowd and gained exceptional acclaim with many lucky attendees citing it as the best performance they have seen by any band in years.

Due to popular demand The Stairs have announced a small 2016 UK tour that will take place this summer on the back of their Le Beat Bespoke performance, stopping at Manchester, Glasgow, Brighton and Birmingham! Expect to hear favourites from their classic cult album Mexican R’n’B as well as new material and unexpected rarities.

Fellow psychedelic scousers The Wicked Whispers will be in support (and also performing with The Stairs at LBB). Following the release of their critically acclaimed debut album Maps Of The Mystic (“Psychedelic and interesting” – Huw Stephens, Radio 1) the band will release their brand new double A-Side 7” single ‘Zodiac Girl’/’If I Set You Free’ on Electone Records this June.

Ticket information to follow.