The Shindig! Broadcast becomes a monthly club

As well as a print mag, this site and a radio show, Shindig! have now launched a monthly club night in North London. We hope to see you there

Shindig Earl BIG POSTER

As we go along we will have all manner of guest deejays, but to keep it nice and simple for the first night it’ll be Jon ‘Mojo’ Mills, Hugh Dellar (whose idea it was to start this), Andy Morten and Paul Osborne spinning the wax. This will be a relaxed affair with good food, booze and sounds. Following a genre rule book isn’t what the The Shindig! Broadcast is about. Our intent is to share good music, meet people and have fun. We’ll see you there then.


Shindig! Broadcast #26

Jon ‘Mojo’ Mills, Paul Osborne and Thomas Patterson play an array of sounds and meet Nirvana’s Patrick Campbell-Lyons in the studios of the show’s new home Soho Radio for their 26th Broadcast

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Shindig! #57 – our first monthly. Content video playlist


Yes. We have become monthly. We have bucked all trends and are absolutely full of positivity. We have an amazing magazine, a radio show, and are now also getting the brand out there via other avenues (stay tuned for further news). Shindig! is growing.  For your visual and aural enjoyment here are key videos relating to the artists covered. You can order the mag now direct from us here. Do it!


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Ulysses unleash new video ‘Smiling’

Bath’s merry mob release the second video from brand new album, Law & Order 

In issue #58 Shindig! award Law & Order ***** stars. This top mark effort that blends glam, psych, folk and rock together in Ulysses’ own inimitable manner may well be the perfect antidote for our current climate. A time when Brexit has split the UK and Trump is rallying against all that is good and decent in America. Can you remember the grey days of the early ’70s when  the glitter of Slade and Sweet or the humble stomp of Mungo Jerry made a bad time momentarily better? If so, you’ll see a lot of parallels to what these guys are doing, and the fun they offer us. BBC 6 Music are you listening? These guys need airplay.