Get Back – Liverpool Music On Film

Get Back documents the real story of Liverpool’s music outpourings, from post war years to present day. It’s a story of a city where literally thousands of bands and artists, hundreds of clubs, promoters and managers put on the biggest, loudest and longest party in history. This eye-opening documentary film features definitive interviews and live performances from bands, club owners and managers including previously unseen footage of Sir Paul McCartney

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Hans Chew video premiere

HANS CHEW’s music explores the existential. Beginning with 2010’s Tennessee & Other Stories… and continuing on 2014’s Life & Love, his albums have revolved around finding meaning in life, death, love and rebirth. Now on his latest release Chew drives deeper at the essence of the matter: From where does the human soul emerge? From what obscurity arises the urge to create? In ‘Sailing To Byzantium’, W.B. Yeats describes the human heart: “sick with desire, and fastened to a dying animal, it knows not what it is…”. Or in Hans Chew’s words on this his third album: The human animal is of unknown sire