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Shindig! Broadcast #124

For our February  Soho Radio show, JON ‘MOJO’ MILLS chats with ALBERT’s Reid Morrison ahead of their performance at the March Happening, and plays a wide array of cool sounds, from powerpop and proto-punk to mellow folky flavours, psych, and a few brand new gems

Alan Hawkshaw ‘Pop Sports’
Levitation Room ‘Revelations’
Ty Segall ‘The Bell’
The Pretty Things ‘Cold Stone’
Andwella’s Dream ‘Sunday’
Blonde On Blonde ‘Castles In The Sky’
The Grateful Dead ‘Mountains Of The Moon’
Major Arcana ‘Steal Your Love Back Home’
Spirit ‘Love Has Found A Way’
Grin ‘Moon Tears’
The Dictators ‘Weekend’
Lazy ‘Rock n Roller’
Dogs ‘My Life’
The Daze ‘I Wanna Be A Star’
Prettyboys ‘I’m Falling’
The Boyfriends ‘Wrapped Up In A Dream’
The Lemon Twigs ‘They Don’t Know To Fall In Place’
Albert ‘I Don’t Want To Sing’
Albert ‘Mona’
Iain Matthews ‘Midnight On The Water’
Help Yourself ‘To Katherine They Fell’
Forever More ‘Angel Of The Lord’
Jim Capaldi ‘Seagull’
Bronco ‘Attraction’
Hookfoot ‘Coombe Gallows’
Heron ‘The Devil’
Native Harrow ‘Old Kind Of Magic’
Terry Callier ‘Dancing Girl’


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