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Shindig! Broadcast #123

Throw in some Love, newies from Daniel Romano and The Lemon Twigs, a heavy dose of mod-beat, Honeybus covers, The Soundtrack Of Our Lives, surf, garage, and a bit of powerpop, shake it up a bit with JON ‘MOJO’ MILLS and ANDY MORTEN offering a few words, and you have another fine Broadcast on Soho Radio

Alan Hawkshaw/Alan Parker ‘The Morning Sun’
Love ‘Skid’
Love ‘Gimi A Little Break
Arthur Lee ‘Everytime I Look Up I’m Down Or White Dog (I Don’t Know What That Means!)
Arthur Lee/Love ‘Who Are You?’
Daniel Romano ‘Too Hot To Sleep’
The Lemon Twigs ‘My Golden Years’
The Eyes ‘When The Night Falls’
Edwick Rumbold ‘Come Back’
The Lee Kings ‘On My Way’
James Mean ‘Seeing Her’
The Motions ‘Everything That’s Mine’
The Favourite Sons ‘Walking Walking Walking’
The Birds ‘Say Those Magic Words’
Evil Eyes ‘Mister Mystified’
Johnny Young ‘Hold On’
Knut Kiesewetter ‘Just The Same As You’
The N’Betweens ‘Delighted To See You’
Kate Taylor ‘Do I Still Figure In Your Life’
Flake ‘Story’
Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci ‘Freshness Than The Sweetness In Water’
Fable ‘She Said Yes’
Holy Hive ‘Be Thou By My Side’
The Marketts ‘Out Of Limits’
The Bobby Fuller Four ‘Wolfman’
The Fender IV ‘You Better Tell Me Now’
The Denims ‘I’m Your Man’
The Gestures ‘Run Run Run’
The Voo-Dooms ‘The Attack Of The Saucermen’
The Music Machine ‘The Eagle Never Hunts The Fly’
The Nuthins ‘Thoughts & Visions’
The Leepers ‘Paint A Day’
The Clerks ‘Dancing With My Girl’
The Name ‘You’re Gonna Lose That Girl’
The Soundtrack Of Our Lives ‘Broken Imaginary Time’
The Soundtrack Of Our Lives ‘Second Life Replay’
Peach & Lee ‘Not For Sale’
The Grays ‘Very Best Of Years’


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