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Paul Orwell ‘Give Your Body’ – Video Premiere

We unleash the excellent video for ‘Give Your Body’, the new glam-psych stomper from London based DIY artist PAUL ORWELL. And we love it

This the first track taken off of his latest album Acid Goth

“‘Give Your Body’ was the song that kick started my idea for Acid Goth,” says Paul.  “It’s also the first track on the album. Acid Goth became an album that went completely full circle. It was shelved for some time. Files/recordings going missing for over a year also didn’t help. It seemed jinxed, but it all came together in the end. I’m pleased it’s flown the nest and it’s great seeing it in the wild being loved.”

Released by P.O.P. The album is out now on Vinyl/CD/Streaming and is available in Stereo (Black/Yellow vinyl) & Mono (Spray paint numbered) limited pressings exclusively at Heavy Soul Records. 


Video directed by Stefan Atkin / Bad Friday Pictures. Starring Denisa Jahlova 

More information and ordering details here


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