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Shindig! Broadcast #121 – Our monthly radio show

JON ‘MOJO’ MILLS returns to Soho Radio with another two hours of great music, and guest ELSA CADES ahead of The Capellas’ Happening show


Alan Hawkshaw ‘Powerboat’
Donovan ‘Wild Witch Lady’
Chris Farlowe & The Hill ‘Where Do We Go From Here’
The Choir ‘I Only Did It Cause I Felt So Lonely’
Michel Pagliaro ‘Lovin’ You Ain’t Easy’
Artful Dodger ‘Wayside’
Piper ‘Cain’t Wait’
Bram Tchaikovsky ‘Sarah Smiles’
Clannad ‘Herne’
Emma Anderson ‘Willow And Mallow’
Gwenno ‘Heol Fanog’
The Daily Flash ‘Green Rocky Road’
The Daily Flash ‘Barbara Flowers’
The Yardbirds ’Smokestack Lightning’
Count Five ‘They’re Gonna Get You’
Tintern Abbey ‘Beeside’
Thin Lizzy ‘The Hero And The Madman’
Popol Vuh ‘King Minos’
Roxy Music ‘Do The Strand’
Eddie & The Hot Rods ‘Do What You Wanna Do’
Iain Matthews ‘Gimme An Inch’
John Foxx ‘Glimmer’
The Three O’Clock ‘Jet Fighter’
The Capellas ‘Take You Chance’
The Capellas ‘Greener Than Green’
Stanley Myers The Gentle Rain’
We All Together ‘Who Knows’
Jonathan Rado ‘Blue Moon’
Mooon ‘Rainbow Flowers’
The Move ‘The Last Thing On My Mind’
Donovan ‘Widow With A Shawl (A Portrait)’


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