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Shindig! Broadcast #119

JON ‘MOJO’ MILLS plays a mix of powerpop, library, progressive folk/jazz, psych-pop, garage, and library music on our monthly Soho Radio show

Matt Berry ‘Top Brass’
Teenage Fanclub ‘Foreign Land’
Nazz ‘Open My Eyes’
Van Duren ‘Grow Yourself Up’
Fotomaker ‘Where Have You Been All My Life’
Shoes ‘Tomorrow Night’
Cheap Trick ‘Downed’
Big Star ‘In The Street’
Scruffs ‘Break The Ice’
The Real Kids ‘All Kindsa Girls’
The Move ‘Do Ya!’
John & Beverley Martin ‘Auntie Aviator’
These Trails ‘Garden Botanum’
Warren Zevon ‘Steady Rain’
Lalo Schifrin ‘Liquor Store Holdup’
Shelagh McDonald ‘Richmond’
Herman’s Hermits ‘Marcel’s’
Edward Bear ‘Edgware Station’
John Leyton ‘River Song’
Lesley Duncan ‘Everything Changes’
Gary Farr ‘Revolution Of The Season’
The Incredible String Band ‘The Circle Is Unbroken’
Los Mutables ’Suspenso en el Espacio’
The Fanatics ‘I Can’t Go On’
The Blues Magoos ‘Gotta Get Away’
Bud & Kathy ‘Hang It Out To Dry’
The Nuthins ‘I Won’t Deny It’
Len Udow ‘Beauty Raise The Tree’
Cascade ‘Weepin’’
Grand Union ‘Morning Brings The Light’
Roger Webb ‘Heavy Lace’


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