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Shindig! Broadcast #116 – Our Soho Radio show

JON ‘MOJO’ MILLS is joined by Project Gemini’s Paul Osborne and Mike and Elsa of The Jack Cades to talk about their bands and Happening gigs. Besides that, it’s the usual great mix of music from wyld garage and beat to topical psych-pop, plus the mellow and folky


Johnny Pearson ‘Virgin Land’
Belbury Poly ‘The Path’ 
The Evening Sons ‘Willow’s Song’ 
Pneumatic Tubes ‘Witch Water’ 
Beautify Junkyards ‘Verde Pino’ 
Project Gemini ‘Path Through The Forest’
Allessandro Alessandroni / Giovanni Tommaso ‘Cielo Verde’  
Cat Stevens ‘A Bad Night’ 
The French Revolution ‘Nine Till Five’
The Actress Good ‘Job With Prospects’
Mike Proctor ‘Mr Commuter’
Peter Lee Stirling 8:35 On The Dot
Ministry Of Sound ‘White Collar Worker’
Bulldog Breed ‘Folder Men’
The Attack ‘Neville Thumbcatch’
Kaleidoscope ‘Mr. Small the Watch-Repairer Man’
John Pantry ‘Glasshouse Green, Splinter Red’
The Weather Prophets ‘Worm In My Brain’
The Jack Cades ‘Who Will I See’
The Jack Cades ‘Chasing You’
Denise & Company ‘Boy, What’ll You Do Then’
The Wheels ‘Road Block’
The Birds ‘You Don’t Love Me (You Don’t Care)’
The Primitives ‘Help Me’
The Sorrows ‘I Don’t Wanna Be Free’
The Betterdays ‘Don’t Want That’ 
David John & The Mood ‘I Love to See You Strut’
Alex Harvey ‘Ain’t That Just Too Bad’
The Belfast Gypsies ‘People, Let’s Freak Out’
Vanity Mirror ‘Girl Feeding A Swan’
Mapache ‘What A Summer’
Dave Evans ‘The Words In Between’
David Wiffen ‘Never Make a Dollar That Way’
Synanthesia ‘Shifting Sands’


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