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The Shindig! Broadcast #113 – Our monthly Soho Radio show

We have another great two hours of music and chat, brought to you by JON ‘MOJO’ MILLS. NOVELTY ISLAND’s Tom McConnell is interviewed about his new album Wallsend Weekend Television, and his forthcoming show for our Happening night, plus there’s the usual array of new and vintage sounds


Alan Parker ‘Girl At The Top’
Vanity Mirror ‘(I First Saw You There On) Tinpot Lane’
The Crystal Teardrop ‘Nine Times Nine’
Jonathan Wilson ‘Marzipan’
Jim Pembroke ‘Warm Rumours’
Spencer Cullum’s Coin Collection ‘Kingdom Weather’ 
Hawkwind ‘Hassan I Sahba’
Mohama Saz ‘De Las Moscas Del Mercado’
The Byrds ‘Just A Season’
The Byrds ‘I Trust’
Stray ‘Mama’s Coming Home’
The Heavy Metal Kids ‘Crisis’
Streak ‘On The Ball’
Novelty Island ‘Stitches’
Novelty Island  ‘Go Go’
The Idle Race ‘Birthday’
The Aerovons ‘The World Of You’
We All Together ‘Silly Roadman’
Orange Bicycle ‘Last Cloud Home’
Truck ‘Dream Seller’ 
Ferris Wheel ’Song For Alice’
Linda Lewis ‘Donkey’s Years’
The Masters Apprentices ‘Buried & Dead’
The Masters Apprentices  ‘Elevator Driver’
The Masters Apprentices ‘Our Friend Owsley Stanley III’
The High Tensions ‘Poor Man’
The Mourning Reign ‘Satisfaction Guaranteed’
The Puddin’ Heads ‘Now You Say We’re Through’
Park Avenue Playground ‘The Trip’
The Lynx ‘You Lie’


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