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Shindig! Broadcast #107 – Our mind-bending radio show

As mentioned previously, our monthly Spotify playlist now pretty much sews-up pulling together all of the music featured in the current edition (issue #132) allowing our Soho Radio show to focus as just that, a bloody good two hour radio show that does what the hell it wants. This epic instalment features a massive 46-min mix from the guys behind Seelie Court, who brilliantly curate a war-themed set that takes in’70s  post-punk, prog and heavy sounds, with the addition of thought-provoking spoken-word sections. Crate diggers will be talking about this for years to come. Elsewhere, Jon ‘Mojo’ Mills’ plays some choice folk-rock, interviews the Brighton-based Woody Green about his Go Kurosawa produced debut album and the forthcoming Happening at The Night Owl on the 7th October, and spins a newie and oldie from cover stars Dungen, plus some way-out Brazilian fare. Tune in below, now.


Alan Moorhouse ‘Heavy Bopper’
Bo Diddley ‘Pollution’
Rita Lee ‘Hoje é O Primeiro Dia’ 
Nelson Angelo / Joyce ‘Comunhao’
Marcos Valle ‘Revolução Orgãnica’
Caetano Veloso ‘You Don’t Know Me’
Tim Mai ‘Christina’
Gal Costa ‘Cultura E Civillização’
Keith Christmas ‘Waiting For The Wind To Rise’
Bert Jansch ‘A Little Sweet  Sunshine’
Mark Fry ‘The Witch’
The Incredible String Band ‘Red Hair’
Woody Green ‘Magic Chair’
Woody Green Interview

Sealie Court Mix –

The S Men ‘Radio Kremlin’ (unissued demo cassette, UK, 1980)
The Squad ‘126lbs Beautiful’ (Privately issued LP, UK, 1979)
Colonel Bagshot ‘Six Day War’ (Unissued Ollie Halsall guitar version,  UK, 1974)
Charge ‘Soldiers’ (Dave Ellis mix, UK, 1973)
Team Dokus ‘My Name Is Death’ (Unissued demo, UK, 1971)
Grannie ‘Coloured Armageddon’ (Privately issued LP, UK, 1971)
Soho Orange ‘Voice Of Freedom’ (Unissued studio demo, UK, 1971)
Dark ‘Live For Today’ (Privately issued LP, UK, 1972)
Grannie ‘Coloured Armageddon’ (Privately issued LP, UK, 1971)
Unknown Artist ‘Falling’ (Privately issued LP, UK, 1972)
Dark ‘In The Sky’ (Studio demo, UK, 1972)
Hellmet ‘Judgement Day’, (Unissued acetate LP, UK, 1970)
Barney James With Warhorse  ‘Odin’s Slumber’ (Unissued acetate LP, UK, 1975)
The S Men ‘Radio Kremlin’ (unissued demo cassette, UK, 1980)
The Squad ‘126lbs Beautiful’ (Privately issued LP, UK, 1979
David Niven
Kim Hunter
Bertrand Russell
Laurence Olivier aka Henry V
Virginia Mc Kenna
James Coburn
HG Wells

Poem by Leopold Marks, carried as a Code-Poem by S.O.E agent Violette Szabo (1921-1945) into occupied Germany, executed aged 23, posthumous George Cross, read by Virginia Mc Kenna.
mix mapped & timed by seelie court
engineered by Richard Moore

Dungen ’Skövde’
Dungen ‘Lilla Vannen Det Akta Och Nara / Dock Allere’n/Om Lilla Vannen’


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