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The Shindig! Broadcast #106

Presented and produced by JON ‘MOJO’ MILLS, featuring ANDY MORTEN on Green Man, THOMAS PATTERSON with music from The Resort, Ben Schwab from SYLVIE and PAUL OSBORNE interviewing THE CROMAGNON BAND. A new format show for Soho Radio.


Alan Hawkshaw ‘Hot Pants’
The Lemon Pipers ‘Rainbow Tree’
Resan ‘Kärlens natt’
Fairport Convention ‘The Lobster’
Misty ‘Hot Cinnamon’
El Goodo ‘The Grey Tower’
Melin Melyn ‘Mwydrn’
Psychedelic Porn Crumpets ‘Acid Dent’
Katy J Pearson ‘Willow’s Song’
Carwyn Ellis / Rio 18 ‘Olá!’
Lovin Spoonful ’Til I Run With You’ 
Margo Guryan ‘Someone I Know’
The Millennium ‘5AM’ 
BT Express ‘Starchild’ 
Roger Whittaker ‘New World In The Morning’
The Cromagnon Band ‘Thunder Perfect’
The Cromagnon Band Interview
The Cromagnon Band ’Substrate’
Marianne Faithfull ‘Young Girl Blues’
Sylvie ‘Further Down The Road’
Ben Schwab interview
The Daggermen ’Now It’s You I Need’
The Mocks ‘Same Old Day’
Alan Parker ‘Coast To Coast’
Lee Reed ‘Someone Is Crying’
Daisy Clan ‘San Francisco China Town’
Sweetwater ‘Apple Pie’
Jigsaw ‘Keeping My Head Above Water’
Dave Clark & Friends ‘I Don’t Know’
Dante ‘Mau Mau’
Heatwave ‘Rastus Ravel (Is A Mean Old Man)’
Paul Nicholas ‘Lamplighter’
Thunder Company ‘Riding On The Gravy Train’
The Roger Webb Sound ‘Gentle Soul’


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