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Calibro 35’s Top 5 Cinematic Blasts

Prior to their UK show at The 100 Club the Italian sound shapers CALIBRO 35 offer Shindig a dose of aural medicine 

One of the best Italian composers ever. Impossible to find something less than “awesome”. This record mixes the funk groove jammy approach with his discovery of synths.

Morricone knows how to make funny stuff, we like the spaghetti western stuff but this is sick.

Ferrio’s brass arrangements are so tough. We really learnt a lot from him. This is from the OST of La Morte Risale A Ieri Sera, a classic blues form with smashing brass, wah guitars and tons of the “Italian touch”.

Germany got funk, Kudos to The Weissenfeldt Brothers. Less is more. So deep, so groovy.

Psychedelic space-spaghetti-western: maybe we call that “Spaceghetti”…


Calibre 35  will be playing The 100 Club on February 26th. Buy tickets here


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