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Shindig!’s 10 Of The Best: Dusty Springfield


Welcome back to our ad-hoc, offbeat and topsy-turvy series of themed Youtube playlists from the lunatics in the Shindig! basement.

It might be sugar; it might be sheep; it might be shadows but it’ll always be Shindig! 

This time round, it’s Dusty Springfield, who would have been 75 today, and whose catalogue continues ripen and improve with the passing decades.

As Dusty’s “lost” ’71 LP, Faithful, is released in its entirety for the first time, super-fan Brian Greene picks his own personal Top 10.

1. I Think It’s Gonna Rain Today (Dusty… Definitely, 1968)

2. Breakfast In Bed (Dusty In Memphis, 1969)

3. What’s It Gonna Be? (single, 1967)

 4. Mama’s Little Girl (Cameo, 1973)

5. Every Day I Have To Cry (I Only Want to Be With You EP, 1964)

6. I Wasn’t Born To Follow (1971, not released until Dusty In London, 1999)

7. See All Her Faces (See All Her Faces, 1972)

8. I Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself (single, 1964)

9. I Can’t Make It Alone (Dusty In Memphis, 1969)

10. You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me (single, 1966)



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