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Colorama ‘Liar’ – Video Premiere

We love everything Carwyn Ellis does, so to debut this fantastic video for the new COLORAMA single ‘Liar’ is an honour


Written, recorded and performed entirely by Carwyn Ellis, ‘Liar’ is his first release as Colorama since 2020, and his first via Cardiff’s Bubblewrap Collective label. It’s a rambunctious, psychedelic groover which takes aim at, well – whoever you think it does! As Carwyn says:

Carwyn says: “As another year even more bewildering than the last draws to a close, Liaris my farewell to 2022. The song, although clearly vitriolic, maybe even venomous, could be about anyone. There are some obvious candidates…. But it could also be about the flood of fakeness, the flurry of falsehoods that we all face frequently. Then again, it could be about me. Or it could be about you. It would be nice to think that we could do better in 2023.”

After a busy year releasing music solo (the Across The Water LP) and touring with Carwyn Ellis & Rio 18 (including a brilliant appearance at Green Man Festival with The BBC National Orchestra Of Wales), Carwyn is back with a return to psychedelic form as Colorama.

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