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Shindig Broadcast #105… our monthly Soho Radio show

The show has taken on a slightly new format, now that we have a very thorough Spotify playlist each month. Listen to #130 here. As we have been establishing over the past few months, each Soho show now features interviews with bands, music from the past and present, and DJ mixes consisting of the wealth of music we spin out at our monthly Night Owl Happening and gigs. If you like the Shindigverse at large, you’ll love this

John Cameron ‘Go Getter’
Hatfield & The North ‘Licks For Ladies’
Kikagaku Moyo ‘Dripping Sun’
Hemlock ‘Beggar Man’


Andy Morten – DJ Mix
Song ‘Like We Were Before’
The Flame ‘See The Light’
Le Pommes De La Lune ‘Une Fleur’
Milky Edwards & The Chamberlings ‘Moonage Daydream’
Peaches & Herb ‘The Sound Of Silence’


Paul Osborne – DJ Mix
Arrival ‘Out Of Desperation’
Penza Penza ‘Jaw Drop’
Chaps ‘Constant Journey’
Alan Steve ‘Honey Baby’
Patrizio Sandrelli ‘Senza di Lei’ 
Gin ‘Psuedo Funk’
Jeronimo ‘No No No’


Daniel Romano’s Outfit ‘Anyone’s Arms’
Alias Ensemble ‘A Spendour Of Heart’
Daniel Romano ‘Maybe Today Will Be Curiouser’
Daniel Romano’s Outfit ‘The Motions’
Daniel Romano ‘Genuine Light (La Luna Excerpt)’ 


Jon ‘Mojo’ Mills – DJ Mix
Solomon King ‘Life Child’
Vaughan Thomas ‘Giant’
The Rascals ‘See’
Dalton, James & Sutton ‘Esatoria’
Puzzle ‘Hey Medusa’
Fuzzy Duck ‘Look Around You’
Andwella ‘Hold On To Your Mind’
Triangle ‘Peut-Etre Demain’
Quo Vadis ‘A Descendre Cette Rivière’
Titanic ‘Macumba’


Sons Of Adam ‘Saturday’s Son’
Shadows of Knight ‘I’ll Make You Sorry’


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