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Shindig! Broadcast #15

Here’s our latest. It’s very different for us. And justly so. We have been absolutely touched by the kind sentiments of the fine musicians who, on the back of the big news, wrote and recorded songs honouring the mag. Each track is bloody great. Thanks everyone, it means a lot. The same goes to the people who sent personal messages.

Please add comments and spread where you can.

Shindig! Broadcast #15 by Jon Mills on Mixcloud


4 thoughts on “Shindig! Broadcast #15

  1. Thanks for the update on the Shindig Broadcast,loved the Emna Tricca session song and Sandy of course,can’t wait for the resurrection

  2. just catching up with everything and feeling somewhat shocked. I bought Kaleidoscope yesterday at Waterloo Station and thought something very odd must have happened. Now i know. For what its worth you have my total support and i hope you get going again very soon

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