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Shindig! Broadcast #99

Approaching their 100th show Jon ‘Mojo’ Mills and Thomas Patterson play and discuss the music featured in Shindig! #124 at Soho Radio


David Axelrod ‘Ken Russell’
Propinquity ‘Binghampton’
Judy Collins ‘First Boy I Loved’
Michael Nesmith ‘Two Different Roads’
The What’s New ‘Get Away’
The What’s New Up So High’
Gilbert O’Sullivan ‘Houdini Said’
Blossom Toes ‘Postcard’
The Beatpack ‘Thru’ The Iron Gate’
Blackhawk ‘Slaughter-Fly Gets The Shaft’
Michael Jarrett ‘All Goin’ Down Together’
Matthew & Peter ‘Smiles’
Brownstone ‘Sweet Lullaby’
The Crimson Shadows ‘Even I Tell Lies’
The Beatpack ‘Black Sea Tobacco Pose 1’
Midlake ‘Bethel Lakes’
The Order Of The 12 ‘Eye Of A Lens’
Cate Le Bon ‘Pompeii’
Daisy Glaze ‘Call Me Midnight’
The Society Of Rockets ‘Calico’
Handsome Jack ‘Shoulder To Lean On’
Andrew Wasylyk ‘Sun Caught Cloud Like The Belly Of A Cat’
Al Douym & The Faryds’ ‘Universe, Pt 1’
Callum Bryce ‘Love Maker’
Michael Nesmith & The Second National Band ‘Wax Minute’
Michael Nesmith & The First National Band ‘Nevada Fighter’



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