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Shindig! Broadcast #96

JON ‘MOJO’ MILLS and THOMAS PATTERSON play the music from inside issue #122, and drop a mix, featuring some of the 45s Jon will be playing at the next Happening at The Night Owl on 3rd December


Stelvio Cipriani ‘il Sessio del Diavalo (Finale)’
The David ‘Sweet December’
Cheval Fou ‘Habilée De Deux Ailes’
Regal Worm ‘Bonzai Master’
Julie Doiron ‘Darkness To Light’
Tom Shotton ‘Oh Angelina!’
Andrew Gabbard ‘Wake Up, Brother’
Ger Eaton ‘Hollow’
Pablo Alto ‘Living In A Land Of Sunshine’
Scrounger ‘Parisian Cafe Blue’
Mouse ‘A Public Execution’
Link Cromwell ‘Crazy Like A Fox’
Rick Jarrard ‘High Coin’
Duncan Browne ‘On The Bombsite’
Harry Nilsson ‘Turn On You Radio’
Cem Karaca & Apasalar ‘Suya Giden Allı Gelin’
Mogollar ‘Haliç’te Günesin Batısı
Erkin Koray ‘İstemem’
Brân ‘Y Gwylwr’
The Common People ‘Soon There’ll Be Thunder’
The Sparrow ‘Green Bottle Love’
The Sparrow ‘Tomorrow’s Ship’
Steppenwolf ‘Draft Resistor’
Martha Velez ‘Swamp Man’
Sugarloaf ‘Green-Eyed Lady’
Maple Oak ‘Son Of A Gun’
Ransom Head ‘Sing’
Inca Bullet Joe ‘She’
Damnation Of Adam Blessing ‘Driver’
Abacus ‘Indian Dancer’
Hello ‘The Wench’
Rats ‘Dragon Child’
The Lollipop Shoppe ‘You Must Be A Witch’


One thought on “Shindig! Broadcast #96

  1. great to see The Sparrow/Steppenwolf included here on the eve of the issue of their biggest retrospective release. For too long have they been ill-served by tepid rehashes and ‘best of’ albums principally from one label. This stops short of John Kay’s solo work and their work as a re-formed Steppenwolf in 1974-76 which produced 3 fine albums – “Hour of the Wolf”; “Slow Flux” and “Skullduggery” and albums from the newer John Kay and Steppenwolf which hit the road to reclaim the name ‘from the toilet’ of imposters. But it is a good start to mark their legacy (continuing today as John Kay plays solo across US and in Germany.)

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