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Emma Tricca ‘Fortune’

Shindig! exclusive – EMMA TRICCA covers Midlake. CAMILLA AISA asks some questions.

If you’ve read the going-up-the-country-esque In The Studio from issue #119 you know that over the summer Shindig! sat down with London-based singer-songwriter Emma Tricca in her late father’s house in the very heart of Italy.  Here, surrounded by olive trees, she revisited the making of a new LP she’s looking forward to releasing next year. “I had to be courageous, more than in any other thing I’ve done before,” she summed up. Laying down the foundations for the record in New York with her band – comprised of Sonic Youth’s Steve Shelley, Jason Victor of The Dream Syndicate and Pete Galub –, something special happened “No one wants to be labelled, but we all gladly accept the comparisons to our heroes,” she reflects. “This time I felt that there were possibilities to explore that weren’t just framed by the the word ‘folk‘, or ‘folk-rock’.”  

Pure chemistry, she calls it. “I didn’t even know how it happened that we found this formula. I just think that something magical happened between the four of us. “From [2018 album] St. Peter to this new music, we reached another level of friendship and musicianship.” It’s something she credits to the getting to know each other better, of course, but even to the longing that a sense of absence caused by life under Covid-19 triggered. “I’m working with people of incredible talent, I’m aware, and that makes me push the boundaries of my own lack of confidence; it has helped me grow so much as a person, as well as an artist. St. Peter paved the way for me to become more of an inclusive musician than I ever had been, and the experience with this new record has moved me and changed me.”  

As we wait for the new sounds to be unleashed upon the world, let’s enjoy a solo offering from the sun-kissed countryside, a spell-binding rework of Midlake’s ‘Fortune’.  

 Emma Tricca is playing Cafe Oto in London with Dan Haywood Band and Kishon Khan Trio on Sunday 3rd October


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