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DP James London’s latest boot

Many satorialists will know DP James London’s boots, as worn by Little Barrie, Bobby Gillespie and numerous others. Those who don’t dig points or almonds, and looking for a later ’60s boot will be pleased about the launch of the Lonsdale

Designer and company owner David Preston tells Shindig!: “A few years ago we tried a square toed boot, but this is our first attempt at capturing the true spirit of late ’60s – mid ’70s boot style. The toe is wider than our usual chelsea boot, and the heel has less width and slightly more height than a standard low heel boot from today. The height of the boot is the highest we have done and is very cool as it will never pop out of trousers and just looks awesome on the leg. Think Black Sabbath, Meddle era Floyd and Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac and you will be in the ballpark. As per all our boots they are handmade in small quantities with a full leather construction.”

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