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Shindig! Broadcast #90

What an absolutely lovely present for our 90th. JON ‘MOJO’ MILLS, THOMAS PATTERSON and PAUL OSBORNE got back into the Soho Radio studios to record the first “live show” in over a year. We’re back!


Monster Magnet ‘It’s Trash’
The Datsuns ‘Moongazer’ 
Evolfo ‘Strange Lights’
E.R. Jurken ‘Maine Man’ 
The Hanging Stars ‘All Fallen Down’
Joe Bourdet ‘Unwritten Story’
Marina Allen ‘Oh, Louisa’ 
Maston ‘Souvenir’
Boost 3000 ‘Morning Madam’
The Shortwaveband ‘I Find You’
Tiny Tim ‘The Coming Home Party’ 
Winter McQuinn ‘George Harrisons Crystal Ball’
Ramirez Exposure ‘Vivid Night Dreams’ 
Radio Days ‘I Walk Alone’ 
Jim Ford ‘Spoonful’
Amen Corner ‘Gonna Have A Good Time’
Morgana King ‘Like A Seed’
The Quick ‘Hi Lo’
The Three O’Clock ‘Tomorrow’
Matt Berry ‘Alone’
The James Taylor Quartet ‘The Money Spyder’
Mother Earth ‘Mister Freedom’
Barbara Acklin ‘A Raggedy Ride’
The 5th Dimension ‘Good News’
The 5th Dimension ‘Pattern People’
The 5th Dimension ‘Carpet Man’
The Palace Guard ‘Greed’
The Jay Five ‘It’s Rainin’
Gabor Szabo ‘Three Kingfishers’


2 thoughts on “Shindig! Broadcast #90

  1. Cheers Baz. It’s great to be able to be together again, play great music, and have a laugh. That’s what it’s all about, after all.

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