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The Poppermost – Joe Kane’s Mersey salute

Watch the fab new single off the forthcoming album (of the same name) by Joe Kane’s THE POPPERMOST

In anticipation of the debut album coming out 30thJuly, the single and its music video of the title track, ‘Hits To Spare’, is released to duly keep us entertained. Directed by Iain Mutch of Walkerandwilliam productions, the video is completely shot in Glasgow city centre during the last week of full lockdown.

Kane states: “We originally started at the location of the stage door of The Beatles exit from the venue of the Glasgow show on the final UK tour in late ’65. That was at the Odeon cinema on Renfield Street. (Where I also saw Ghostbusters as a child in 1985!) We were blessed with a beautiful sunny day and tried to showcase the gorgeous landmarks and well known attractions of our city, including George Square. Unfortunately, the same location was recently overrun with violent thugs, but with this video we claim it back for Glasgow in the name of hope, music and love.”
The Beatles trivia is essential to this project, which is a virtual one-man Beatle show as Kane records and performs his Mersey-inspired tunes all on his own with a meticulous attention to detail – generating inspired results. “Ultimately, this album was about making a very fresh, quick and positive pop record, utilising the recording aesthetics and sound of my favourite music,” says Kane, who is currently putting together a live version of the band that’ll be ready to get people twisting and shouting as soon as possible…so keep an eye on the socials!

Based in Glasgow, Joe Kane keeps a busy man, recording under various alias such as Dr. Cosmos’ Tape Lab (You Are The Cosmos) and Radiophonic Tuckshop (Late Night From Glasgow) while working with countless artists including the late, great Neil Innes (The Rutles), Joey Molland (Badfinger), Alan White (Plastic Ono Band), BMX Bandits and Ette. He can recently be heard kick starting the Ex Norwegian & Friends tribute album to Liverpool’s singer-songwriter Jimmy Campbell, Sing Jimmy Campbell, with a fantastic take of the classic Rockin’ Horse track ‘Yes It Is’.

The single ‘Hits To Spare’ is available via Think Like A Key Music  across all streaming platforms starting 21st May and boasts a non-LP B-side ‘Up Against It’, which is inspired by the unused title of the potential third Beatles movie by Joe Orton.

Pre-Order the album here

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