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New Music! The Coral – Faceless Angel

There’s no band like them and now THE CORAL announce their TENTH studio album, Coral Island,  by releasing the jukebox strut of ‘Faceless Angel’, vividly themed around an imagined/misremembered world of wild rides and desolate winter fairgrounds.. It’s everything you expect from THE CORAL and that’s the unexpected!

There’s no band like them and now The Coral are to announce their TENTH studio album. And what a statement it is! A double-album, vividly themed around an imagined/misremembered world of wild rides and desolate winter fairgrounds, it’s purposely devised to cut against the streaming age and fulfil the band’s overdue ambition of making their White Album. It’s everything you expect from The Coral… the unexpected.

The wheels rattle into the thrilling unknown on THE CORAL’s first new music since 2018, finding the unsurpassed, metamorphic gonzo-pop five-piece in the company of crooks, sell- by-date candyfloss and plastic skeletons as they release Faceless Angel. Of misplaced memories from a place and time that might never have been, the track precedes a new and vividly evocative body of work from the legendary Merseyside band in the form of their TENTH and first, ever double-album: Coral Island.

Welcoming travellers one trepidous step at a time, ‘Faceless Angel’ sits amongst a series of promised audio visual portraits of and inspired by the Island’s inhabitants. Conceived and created by artist, Edwin Burdis, the single’s video was filmed ‘on’ Coral Island itself, a sprawling diorama purpose-built inside a deserted Chinese restaurant in Cardiff. It’s the band and fans’ first venture onto the surreal land mass, populated by surreal sculptural forms, charity shop-finds, looming mountains and gathering storm clouds. Filmed in debt to the traditional model-based filmmaking methods of greats like George Lucas or Ray Harryhausen, Burdis navigated Coral Island at waist-height and via camera-friendly pathways to gather 360 degree footage from inside and outside his and THE CORAL’s
fascinating, fabricated world. The expansive and ambitious installation also provides the album artwork for Coral Island as well as designs for ‘Faceless Angel’ and future singles.

Indebted in part to the classic pre-Beatles rock and roll era of Duane Eddy and Chuck Berry alongside the clattering of a weary ghost train’s rusted wheels on worn steel, ‘Faceless Angel’s’ title evokes DC Comics ominous occult detective series, Hellblazer and the broken character of the strip’s protagonist, John Constantine.


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