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New Music – Altın Gün – Yüce Dağ Başında

Acclaimed Amsterdam band Altin Gün’s vibrant new single “Yüce Dağ Başında” is the second one to be pulled from their upcoming album ‘Yol’ (Road), which is out on 26 February. Watch the video with Shindig! Magazine right here!

Flirtatious and hypnotic, this dancefloor ready track features lead vocals by front woman Merve Dasdemir and showcases the band’s thrilling new direction where their muscular grooves and insistent melodies have been segued with synth-driven Europop and Anatolian psychedelia. The kind of record you always hope to find in the souks and junkshops when on holiday, but obviously never do! Well search no more as Altin Gün have recorded that very track, glittered with kitsch-cool and more infectious than Covid-19 let this record take you away from the permanent gloam we are surrounded by and to the carefree sunshine shores of Antalya.

Altin Gün by Sanja Marus

‘Yüce Dağ Başında’ is taken from Yol the new album from Altin Gün which is released through Glitterbeat Records on 26th February 2020. The worldwide coronavirus quarantine forced  the band to write and record their music in a completely new way, trading demos and ideas over email. Many of the resulting songs gravitate towards a sleeker, synth-driven sound that was aided by their collaboration with the Belgian production team Asa Moto(Oliver Geerts and Gilles Noë) who mixed the record. It would be wrong to say that what made Altın Gün such a loved and successful band has been left to one side. The pressure-cooker tracks ‘Sevda Olmasaydı’ and ‘Maçka Yolları’ are classic cuts from the band. Their signature employment of a dizzying array of ideas and approaches can be heard with the marked Brazilian feel of ‘Kara Toprak’ and ‘Yekte’. Cosmic reggae filters through the grooves of ‘Yüce DağBaşında’, and there is a steaming version of ‘Hey Nari’ which gives the traditional composition by Ali Ekber Çiçek a kick onto the dancefloor.

Pre-order Yol by Altin Gün HERE.



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