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Shindig! Broadcast #83

THOMAS PATTERSON guides you through issue #110 with a fantastic selection of music, including some token seasonal tuneage


King Crimson ’21st Century Schizoid Man (Radio edit)’
Kelley Stoltz ‘Having Fun’
Sid Bradley ‘Child Of The Sea’
The Pretty Things ‘The Good Mr. Square’
The Pretty Things  “She Was Tall, She Was High’
The Pretty Things ‘In the Square’
The Pretty Things ‘The Letter’
The Pretty Things ‘Rain’
The Young Men ‘Get The Message’
Elton John ‘Regimental Sgt. Zippo’
Badfinger ‘Better Days’
Anthony Moore ‘A Thousand Ships’
Silver Synthetic “Anyway I Can’
Nick Mitchell Maiato ‘City Of Grit’
Beachwood Sparks ‘Make It Together’
Pearl Charles ‘Sweet Sunshine Wine’
King Crimson ‘Cat Food (single version)’
Zuider Zee ‘You’re Not Thinking’
The Johnny Arthey Orchestra ‘Jennifer Juniper’
Rab Noakes ‘Somebody Counts On Me’
Farmyard ‘Feeling Pretty Good’
America  ‘Saturn Nights’
Bobbie Gentry ‘The Seventh Son [Band version]’
Fleetwood Mac ‘Bright Fire’
The Mirage ‘Ebaneezer Beaver’
Rubba  ‘Way Star’
Roger Webb Sound ‘Moon Bird’
Mandy More ‘Come With Me To Jesus’
Blossom Dearie ‘That’s Just The Way I Want To Be’
Beautify Junkyards ‘Cosmorama’
Laraaji  ‘Embracing This’
Camille Yarbrough ‘Ain’t It A Lonely Feeling’
Kelly Finnigan ‘A Joyful Sound’
Milton DeLugg & The Little Eskimos ‘Hooray For Santa Claus’
Buck Owens & The Buckaroos ‘Good Old Fashioned Country Christmas’
Calexico ‘Seasonal Shift’
Shirley Collins ‘The Christmas Song’
Greg Lake ‘Humbug’


One thought on “Shindig! Broadcast #83

  1. Great stuff by the Pretties! and Beachwood Sparks! Thanks Jon! Now if I can find a way to get ‘Parnasus Revisited’ by Shelagh McDonald “sold only at shows” I’ll be satisfied!!!

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